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Monday, October 24, 2011

"Cobb" WOD and Charity Event

A very worthwhile charity event was brought to my attention by my bosses at S3 Endurance - CrossFit Ballantyne.  I have provided some of the details provided by them below, but please see the S3 website for further details: http://crossfits3.com/blog/
On November 19th (at 1pm), CrossFit Vitality (http://www.crossfitvitality.com/) in Concord, NC will be hosting a charity event in support of Erin Cobb, a member of the local CrossFit community and a victim of extreme domestic violence.  She is currently paralyzed from the chest down, as a result of a gunshot wound to the neck (fired by her ex-husband and former CMPD officer).
All participants will complete the Hero WOD, "Cobb;" note that it is an easily scaled workout, so that athletes of all levels will be able to participate.  See below for workout details.  
Entrance fee is $35/ participant (includes a t-shirt).  
20 min. AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible):
400M Run
10 Thursters (135/85)
10 Bar Facing Burpees
10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (135/85)
1 Rope Climb (or 2 Wall Climbs)

I wanted to complete this WOD at home on my own today, but I had to modify it greatly.  I have two small children, so I was unable to leave my home for the 400m runs; I didn't have a rope to climb (so rope climb was out), nor did I want to scuff my walls at home with my dirty shoes on the wall climbs (nor did I want to waste time taking my shoes on and off throughout the workout).  So, see below for my modified version of "Cobb."  This was still HARD, though I'm sure the real version is several times harder.
4 Rounds for Time -
50 x Double Under
10 x Thurster (85 lb. barbell)
10 x Bar Facing Burpee 
(push-up portion of burpee is done w/ hands atop barbell; chest touches bar)
10 x Sumo Deadlift High Pull (85 lb. barbell)
5 x Decline Push-Up to Modified Handstand Push-Up (24" box)(push-up in decline plank w/ feet atop box, walk hands in until hips bent at 90 degree angle (hips and shoulders directly over hands), do a modified handstand push-up, then walk back out to decline plank = 1 rep)

-The above WOD took me 19 minutes and 5 seconds.  And the Thrusters and SDLHPs were HEAVY for me!

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