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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Welcome Back...to Me!

I have not posted a thing on this blog in AGES.  I know that my grandparents are now checking it out occasionally, so at least for their benefit, I will try to post more frequently than once every 4 months.

I have spent the day searching the Internet for new exercises to use with my P.T. clients and in my weekly group exercise classes at the Y.  I am in awe of the inventiveness of Brian Devlin at www.briandevlin.com.    In the privacy of my home gym, I will be trying the following tomorrow morning (then possibly in my Weight Training class Wednesday morning):
     *Single-Leg Wall Climbs: lay down on your belly with your feet up against a wall, do a push-up to a plank position, then walk your feet up the wall, so that you end in a handstand position with your belly up against the wall, climb down; if performing the wall climb on a single-leg, hop your way up the wall using only one leg.
      *Pistol Series: a Pistol is a single-leg squat; may be performed by single-leg squatting your way to a seated position on a box or a step, then returning to a standing position on that same one leg; the Pistol Series is three different pistol exercises performed in series:
3 x thru:
1) 5 x ea. leg: Pistol to Fwd. Lunge (challenge: dumbbells in hands)
2) 5 x ea. leg: Pistol to Crossover Fwd. Lung (challenge: DBs in hands)
3) 5 x ea. leg: Pistol to Single-Leg Hop Fwd. x 2; Single-Leg Hop Bkwd. x 2
     *Tricep Trifecta: a series of tricep exercises done in series
3 x thru:
1) 10 x Semi-Piked Plank (w/ hands atop 5-8 lb. DBs) Tricep Push-Ups (elbows stay narrow/ in close to body)
2) 10 x Supine (on back) (w/ bent legs in air) Tricep Extension (DBs held overhead, bend and extend)
3) 5 ea. arm x Semi-Piked Plank (w/ hands atop 5-8 lb. DBs) Single Arm Rear Row to Rear Tricep Extension (elbows in narrow)