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No matter what your current fitness level or former athletic experience, you can learn to train like an Olympic-caliber athlete. I am Erin Borchard, a former elite springboard/platform diver (NCAA Champion and multi-year All-American at Stanford University, former member of the US National Diving Team, and two-time competitor at the US Olympic Team Trials), specializing in personal and small group training sessions. I am also a Phi Beta Kappa student with a B.A. in Human Biology; my strong science background is an ever present influence shaping and changing my training philosophy.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Plan for Tuesday


*2 to 3 different TABATAS (8 rounds of 20 sec. ON/10 sec. OFF)

*CROSSFIT WORKOUT: "KELLY" = 5 rounds for time of: *400m Run, *30 Box Jumps, *30 Wall Balls


*SPRINTS: 3 times through the following
-2 x (60 yd. Sprint Forward there/ 60 yd. Run Backwards back)
-200 m Sprint


Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Workout for Tomorrow

Here's what I have planned for myself tomorrow:

DYNAMIC WARM-UP: High Knee March, Butt Kickers, Lung to Drive-Up, X-Body Kicks, Fire Hydrants, Tap-in/Tap-out Single-Leg Hoppers

3 TABATAS: each tabata = 8 rounds of 20 sec. ON/10 sec. OFF
1) Running (treadmill at speed: 8.0; incline: 12.0)
2) Tuck Roll to Squat Jump
3) alternating rounds of Split Squat Jumps and Overhead Press (15 lb. DBs)

CONDITION: 10 rounds for time of
*100 x Jumps of Rope
*10 x Burpees
*10 x 35 lb. DB Swings
*10 x Squat to Box Jumps (squat down to a stack of 4 risers; jump up to a step built up w/ 8 risers on ea. side)

STRENGTH: "Clean Complex Plus"; 3 - 5 x through
*5 x Sumo Dead Lift High Pull (w/ 45 lb. barbell)
*5 x Clean (45 lb. barbell)
*5 x Front Squat (45 lb. barbell)
*5 x Behind-the-Neck Squat Thruster (45 lb. barbell)
*5 x Bent-Over-Row (45 lb. barbell)
*5 x Dead Hang Chin-Ups
*10 x Hanging Pike-Ups

*10 x 60 yd. Forward Sprints
*10 x 60 yd. Backwards Running Sprints

*60 x Med Ball Russian Twists
*15 ea. x Tweaked (Side Tilt) Med Ball Leg Raises
*20 x Sit-Up to Med Ball Toss Overhead
*30 sec. ea. x Single-Arm Med Ball Plank Hold (w/ one hand on MB)
*Butterfly Series (legs in butterfly position: 20 crunches; 20 leg lifts; 20 ea. side oblique crunches)
*10 ea. x Plank-Twist-Toe Touch


Power Sculpt #2

I taught this one last Sunday:

DYNAMIC WARM-UP: (in place or traveling): High Knee March, Butt Kickers, Lunge to Drive-Up, X-Body Kicks, Fire Hydrants

CARDIO WARM-UP: 2 x through
*30 sec. Jumping Jacks
*30 sec. Jack-Squat Touch Floor
*30 sec. Fake Jump Rope
*30 sec. Plank Jacks

ARMS: Countdown 10 reps all the way to 5 reps of 3 kinds of Single-Arm Punches w/ a 10 lb. dumbbell
*Punch Straight Ahead
*Punch Straight Up Overhead
*Punch Down

*20 x Push-Up to Toe-to-Shoulder Tap
*20 x (10 w/ R arm leading; 10 w/ left arm leading) Plank Walks w/ Arms Straddling Bench Lengthwise
*1/2 of an Air Squat Tabata (4 rounds of 20 sec. ON/10 sec. OFF) (butt must touch a stack of 4 risers w/ each squat down)
*20 x Push-Up to Toe-to-Shoulder Tap
*10 ea. Plank Walks
*1/2 of an Air Squat Tabata

COUNT UP/ COUNT DOWN: alternating 2 exercises; Ex. A: count down from 10 to 1 rep(s); Ex. B: count up from 1 to 10 rep(s)
*Ex. A: Single-Leg Dead Lift (w/ one 10 to 15 lb. dumbbell)
*Ex. B: Sit-Up to Overhead Press (10 lb. dumbbells)

FULL-BODY TRNG: 4 exercises 3 times through as quickly as possible; 1 min. rest b/w sets
1) 10 ea. x Lateral Step-Ups w/ one dumbbell or MB overhead (held in same side hand as foot that's atop bench)
2) 20 x Sumo Dead Lift High Pulls (15 lb. DBs)
3) 10 x Burpee Box Jumps
4) 10 (5 ea.) x Split Squat Thrusters (15 lb. DBs)

TABATA: 8 rounds of 20 sec. ON/10 sec. OFF; alternating rounds of two difft. exercises
*Ex. A: X-Body Punches (5 lb. DBs)
*Ex. B: Mountain Climbers

*1 Min. Plank Hold w/ Feet Atop Bench or a Medicine Ball
*15 x ea. Bird Dog (on hands and knees, start w/ opp. arm and opp. leg extended; draw L elbow to R knee (keeping foot of moving leg flexed/flat throughout)
*1 Min. Lazy Bug (lay on back w/ opp. leg and opp. arm extended, switch slowly and w/ control for duration)
*15 ea. side x Opp. Hand to Opp. Toe Single-Leg Pike-Ups
*1 Min. Plank Hold w/ Arms Atop Bench


Power Sculpt

Goodness, I haven't posted a workout here on my blog in ages!  We've been loving the baseball life this summer as a family in Fresno, but we have been BUSY.  The blog has taken a backseat to preschool, Grizzlies games, pool time, etc.  I've been teaching Power Sculpt and Boot Camp classes at the local gym, and I thought I'd start posting the content of some of those classes, as well as some of my individual workouts.


*High Knee March, Butt-Kickers, Fire Hydrants, X-Body Kicks, Lunge to Drive-Up

*20 x Repeaters atop bench
*10 ea. x Lunges w/ front foot on bench
*10 ea. x Lunges w/ back foot on bench
*20 x Repeaters
*10 x Squat Jump up to Squat Land atop bench
*Plank Knee Dip Series (hold plank w/ elbows atop bench; dip knees to touch floor w/o any pelvic movement: 20 x feet together, 20 x feet hip-width apart, 20 x wide legs)
*10 x Squat Jump up to Squat Land atop bench

*15 x Push-Up to Hop In
*30 sec. x Cross-Body Punches (w/ 5 lb. dumbbells)
*Tricep Dips (20 x regular; 10 x w/ L leg elevated; 10 x w/ R leg elevated)
*30 sec. x Cross-Body Punches
*45 sec. ea. arm of Seated Bicep Curls
*30 sec. x Cross-Body Punches

IV) Full-Body Strength + Gliders
*15 ea. x Single-Arm Snatch
*15 ea. x Single-Arm Thruster (squat to overhead press w/ one arm (10-15 lb. dumbbell)
*15 ea. x Cross-Body Leg Glide (w/ glider/paper plates under both feet, hold plank, then glide R foot up to L shoulder 15 x's, then switch legs)
*10 ea. x S-A Snatch
*10 ea. x S-A Thruster
*10 x Glider Pike-Ins
*5 ea. x S-A Snatch
*5 ea. x S-A Thruster
*5 ea. leg x 2 sec.-count Mountain Climber to Single-Leg Side Swipe

*40 ea. leg x Single-Leg Push-Offs on bench
*30 sec. x Glider Hamstring Runners (lay on back with one glider/paper plate under each heel; run)
*20 ea. x Single-Leg Side-to-Side Push-Overs on bench
*30 sec. x Glider Hamstring Runners
*10 x Burpee to Box Jump up to bench
*30 sec. x Glider Hamstring Runners

VI) ARM SERIES: count up - 1 rep ea. up to 10 reps ea. of:
*Upright Row to Bicep Curl to Overhead Press to Tricep Extension

VII) FULL BODY STRENGTH: 2 to 3 x's through
*10 x Split Squat Thrusters (15 lb. dumbbells in ea. hand)
*20 x Bent-Over Row
*10 ea. x Single-Arm Bent-Over Row
*20 x Plank Arch-Pikes

VIII) BACK AND ABS: 2 x through
*20 x Full Leg Lifts
*20 x Tuck-Over Pelvic Tilts
*20 x Suitcase Crunches
*20 x Back Arch-Ups
*20 x Super Mans (jumping jack movement on belly)
*20 x Back Leg and Arm Flutters