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No matter what your current fitness level or former athletic experience, you can learn to train like an Olympic-caliber athlete. I am Erin Borchard, a former elite springboard/platform diver (NCAA Champion and multi-year All-American at Stanford University, former member of the US National Diving Team, and two-time competitor at the US Olympic Team Trials), specializing in personal and small group training sessions. I am also a Phi Beta Kappa student with a B.A. in Human Biology; my strong science background is an ever present influence shaping and changing my training philosophy.

I want to help you push yourself to YOUR maximum...you'll be shocked to find the true athlete living inside of you.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Today's Total Strength at Siskey

"Count-Up AMRAPs" (inspired by friend and fellow instructor, Elizabeth Kapsiak)

Equipment: Mat, Heavy Dumbbells (10 - 15 lbs.), Bench (2 to 4 risers high ea. side)

  • 3 Rounds - 
    • 40 sec. x 10 Jumping Jack-Touch (jumping jack to a deep squat (fingertips touch floor))
    • 20 sec. x 1-2-3 Push-Up (in plank w/ R knee bent and R toe up near R armpit, switch L, R, L, then push-up w/ L knee bent and L toe up near L armpit, repeat)
#1: 5 min. AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) -Increase Reps by 1 ea. Round (start at 1 rep ea.)
    • Burpee-Broad Jump over bench (may phantom hop bench)(modification: weighted burpee then step up and over bench w/ DBs overhead)
    • Incline Weighted Lunge-Drive Up (start @ 1 rep ea. leg)(rack DBs atop shoulders in front rack)
1 min. ea. x
    • Superman-Banana (supine hollow body hold, roll to belly and hold arch, back and forth slowly)
    • Seated Overhead Press
#2: 5 min. AMRAP -Count-up by 1s ea. Round (start at 1 rep ea. exercise):
    • Straddle Bench: Squat to bench - Jump up to bench
    • Straddle Bench: Decline Plank Jack (up to bench) (mod: walk feet up-down; may do on floor)
1 min. ea. x
    • Superman-Banana
    • Bent-Over DB Fly
#3: 5 min. AMRAP -Count-up by 1s ea. Round (start at 1 rep ea. exercise):

    • Man Maker (in plank: row R, push-up, row L, push-up, hop in, stand up, get DBs overhead)
    • OH Lunge R and L (lunge R and L = 1 rep)
1 min. ea. x
    • Superman-Banana
    • Hammer Curl in Down-Lunge Hold (30 sec. R leg, 30 sec. L leg)
#4: 5 min. AMRAP - Count up by 1s ea. Round (start @ 1 rep ea. exercise):
    • DB Squat Thruster (DBs racked at shoulders, squat buns to stack of 4 risers and press DBs overhead as you come up out of squat)
    • Single-Leg Triceps Dip (hands atop riser stack - stick one leg out and dip)(start @ 1 rep R and 1 rep L, then 2 reps R and 2 reps L, etc)
1 min. ea. x
    • Superman-Banana
    • DB Bear Crawl Fwd. 5 steps/ DB Bear Crawl Bkwd. 5 steps
#5: 5 min. AMRAP (reset 4-riser bench) -Count-up by 1s (start at 1 rep ea.): 
    • Single-Leg Lateral Push-Up-and-Over w/ 1 DB Circling OH (R and L = 1 rep)
    • Floor Push-Up - Hop Feet Up to Bench and Off Bench - Floor Push-Up (push-ups occur on either side of bench, push-up on R side and push-up on L side = 1 rep)

    Outdoor Fitness Series (Erin's Bootcamp and more) - Ballantyne Corp Park

    I just received this flyer via email; it details the Ballantyne Village YMCA's September/ October Outdoor Fitness Series (OFS) schedule.  I will be teaching the Monday 5:30pm Bootcamp (begins 9/12 and runs through10/31), as well as the Saturday 8am Athletic Conditioning class once a month (this Saturday, in fact, is my first go-round with it!).

    Meet at the Brixham Tent, sign in, and off we'll go.  Remember this is FREE to all Y member, regardless of home branch.

    Here is a link to a great map of Ballantyne Corporate Park; Brixham Tent is marked:

    Tuesday, August 30, 2011

    Tuesday QuickFit Workout Breakdown

    I subbed my final QuickFit class for my sweet friend, Jennifer.  Oh, how I will miss this group of people!  I got on YouTube yesterday and researched a bunch of new exercises to incorporate into this workout (sets of 4 cardio/ strength stations).  Some of the stuff was wacky and tough to tackle, but this group picked most of it up without a problem...and the key to getting through this one was using the modification of each exercise where and when necessary.  Above all else, maintain proper form throughout this workout...slow down, turn to the modified version of the exercise; do whatever is necessary for you to do the exercises correctly and safely.  Good luck!

    Station #1: Set of Gliders, Medium-Heavy Dumbbells (i.e. 10 - 15 lb.)
    Station #2: Medicine Ball, Mat
    Station #3: Handled Resistance Band (red), Mat (if you do push-ups on your knees)
    Station #4: Bosu, 1 Heavy Dumbbell

    Set #1: (60 sec. Round 1; 45 sec. Round 2)
    1) In Plank: Rear Row to Glider Tuck-In (row R, then double-leg tuck-in, row L, then D-L tuck-in)
    2) Straight Arm Russian Twist R and L to Overhead Med Ball Press
    3) Resisted Squat Thruster (step on band, handle in ea. hand, handles racked at shoulders: squat then shoot handles all the way overhead when you come up out of the squat)
    4) Push-Up (to R side of Bosu) - Hop Feet onto Bosu and off of Bosu - Push Up (to L side of Bosu)

    Set #2: (60 sec. Round 1; 45 sec. Round 2)
    1) Double-Leg Hamstring Glide (challenge: add DB Chest Press as legs glide in) (on back with glider under ea. heel, bridge up (lifting buns off of floor), glide both legs simultaneously until straight out, glide heels back into buns)
    2) Step-Back Lunge + Knee to Med Ball (hold MB in straight arms directly out in front of you, step back into a deep lunge, come up out of lunge and drive back leg up to knee med ball in front)
    3) Semi-Sumo Squat (band under 1 foot) + Cross-Body Upper Chop (in sumo squat, step on band w/ R foot, drive both hands/ both handles from R knee up to L shoulder forcefully and with straight arms; switch direction 1/2 way through)
    4) Dome Down Bosu Squats (modification: dome up)

    Set #3: (60 sec. Round 1; 45 sec. Round 2)
    1) Weighted Pillar Glide Lunge (toes of R foot on one glider, DBs racked on shoulders in front rack position: glide R foot fwd. into deep lunge, glide R foot back into deep lunge w/ L leg in front, repeat; switch legs 1/2 way through) (challenge: hold DBs overhead throughout OR thrust DBs from shoulders to overhead each time you glide through center)
    2) Med Ball Triceps Toss Overhead to Squat Ball Toss (MB straight overhead, bend arms behind head w/ narrow elbows, toss ball overhead, catch, squat, then toss ball from chest to overhead, catch, squat, stand and repeat)
    3) Resisted Push-Up (wrap band around upper back (band goes between torso and armpits), get into plank with hands on the band below the handles, push-up))...you control your level of resistance by how choked up on/ how taut the band is)
    4) Dome Down Bosu Squat + 1 DB Pull from Foot to Opposite Shoulder (switch arms 1/2 way)

    Set #4: (60 sec. Round 1; 45 sec. Round 2)
    1) Yoga Bum Glide atop Dumbbells (sit on floor w/ 1 glider under each heel, hands on either side of hips w/ hands atop DBs, glide heels out and bridge bum up off of floor, glide back in and all the way through hands w/ bum, repeat)
    2) In Semi Sumo Squat: Straight Arm Med Ball Twist to Side - Return Ball Center Forcefully (sharp stop) (switch sides ea. rep)
    3) OH Band Hold + Single-Leg Side Pulse (step on band, 1 handle in ea. hand, press band overhead and hold that extended position w/ straight/ locked out elbows, add single-leg side pulse (5 x R, 5 x L, repeat)
    4) Squat to Sit on Bosu - Lay Back to Sit-Up - Stand Up from Bosu (hands on shoulders w/ elbows high) (challenge: hold a heavy dumbbell to your chest)

    Monday, August 29, 2011

    My Latest "Charlotte Today" Appearance

    Check this out.  And then take it with a grain of salt...I NEVER wear high heels!!!  Who am I to be the expert on how to wear high heels healthfully?!  This one was fun, though.


    Below is my outline for the appearance.  As always, I didn't get to talk about all that I had planned.  So, if you're looking for extra information on the topic, see below for more:

    “Happier and Healthier in High Heels”
    *The phrase “the price of beauty” is never more appropriate than when describing the way your feet, lower legs, and back feel after a long day of work in high heels!!
    *8+ hours of high-heel hoofing around the office and around town can absolutely be hazardous to your health and fitness
    *Heels force us into a very unnatural stance by:
      • placing extreme pressure on the balls of the feet
      • shortening the Achilles tendon
      • tightening the calf muscles
      • and encouraging slumped posture
    *Result is: 
      • Risk of Injury: Achiles tendon is super strong (connects calf muscles to heel bone), but is also very prone to injury; lack of heel contact with the floor (which normally aids in stretching tendon and calf muscles) results in tightening and shortening of calf muscles and Achiles tendon => greater risk of injury to Achiles during exercise and daily living (rupture is AWFUL!)
        • Prevention: Stretch calves and Achilles tendon 
          • Straight Leg Wall Stretch (upper calf - soleus)
          • Bent Knee Wall Stretch (lower calf - gastrocnemius and Achilles tendon)
          • Sitting Toe Pull Stretch (increase intensity by straightening knee)
          • Challenge: increase stretch by dropping heel off of a step - straight and bent knee
      • Risk of Injury: Low back pain; heels careen us onto our toes and encourage a slouched posture (to counteract the forward lean, we hunch our upper back for some backward lean); also lessens the natural curve of our lumbar spine (very unnatural postural all in all); too much weight being supported by lower back alone
        • Prevention: Postural exercises to strengthen upper back muscles surrounding the scapulae; train yourself to counteract the forward lean from wearing high heels by pulling your scapulae together and your upper back back
          • Wall Angels
          • Prone Snow Angels
          • Bent-Over Fly and Rear Row
          • Renegade Row - on all 4s
        • Prevention: Strengthening of transverse abdominals for constant core engagement to stabilize and support spine and back muscles
          • Sahrmann Basic Breath exercise (can be done ANYWHERE!!, best supine)

    The Final BridgeHampton Boot Camp of the Summer

    Tonight was our final boot camp of the summer over at the BridgeHampton neighborhood.  And what a final session it was...just me and Jen Templeton sweating it out together=)  It was certainly a small group, but we got it done and sent BH Boot Camp out in style!  

    Reminder: Instead of teaching the BridgeHampton Boot Camp on Monday evenings in the fall, I will be teaching boot camp for the Y over at the Ballantyne Corporate Park (Mondays from 5:30pm until 6:15pm, begins 9/12 and runs through October).  We meet at the Brixham Tent.  Best news of all: it is free to all Y members, regardless of home branch.  Come one, come all!  The possibilities are ENDLESS out there at the Corp Park...fit trail, lakes to run around, hills to climb, benches to jump up to, etc, etc.

    "Hill, Hill, and More Hill"

    (Equipment Required: Heavy and Medium Dumbbells, Medicine Ball, Small Hill)
    *8 Round Tabata (20 sec. ON/ 10 sec. REST): alternating rounds of Air Squat and Push-Up
    *8 Round Tabata: Sprint (20 sec. interval)/ Hold Plank (10 sec. interval) 

    2 ROUNDS OF EA. STRENGTH EXERCISE: Rnd. 1: 60sec.; Rnd. 2: 45sec.

    *in between each round of each strength exercise listed below, complete the following: 
    1) 5 x Sprint Hill 2) 3 x Lunge Up Hill 3) 2 x Bkwd. Bear Crawl Up Hill (always run down hill facing fwd.) (our hill was about 20 feet long...and steep!)

    • Sumo Dead Lift High Pull to an X-Position Overhead (Heavy DBs)
    • Med Ball OH Tricep Toss to MB Squat Toss(like a wall ball w/o a wall) 
    • Burpee Jack  (Hop out to plank, push-up while doing a jumping jack w/ legs, hop in, stand and do a standing jumping jack)
    • Step-Back Lunge + OH Thrust (Heavy DBs)
    • DB Plank Row to Tri Ext. (Light/ Med DBs)

    Sunday, August 28, 2011

    Total Strength - Morrison 2pm (workout preview)

    WARM-UP: w/ MB
    *3 min. x Side-To-Side Agility Hop (MB held chest high) (mod: no MB, unglued ankles) OR MB Jack
    *w/ 10 x Shuffle-Shuffle-Touch on ea. Min.
    ABS: w/ Mat and MB
    *1 min. x Straight Arm/Leg Sit-Ups w/ MB Moving OH (mod: no MB)
    *1 min. x MB Plank (toes on MB) - Walk Hands in 1/2 Circle (mod: no MB)(challenge: feet stacked!!!...MB or no MB...30 sec. ea.)
    *1 min. x MB OH Suitcase Crunch
    *1 min. x MB Plank (hands on MB) - Walk Feet in 1/2 Circle (mod: no MB)
    STRENGTH TRNG.: Rep Countdown w/ Return Strength Interval b/w ea. set
    *8 x Dynamic Lunge R-Lunge L-Sumo Squat
    *8 total x DB Hammer Curl in Deep Squat Hold
    *8 x MB Slam Burpee (Slam Squat - Thrust to Plank - MB Push-Up - Hop In to Sides of Hands - Slam Ball Lift) (modification: no push-up, may even go weightless (no MB))
    SET #1:
    30-20-10 x DB Squat Swing

    SET #2:
    30-20-10 total x OH Lunge

    SET #3: 
    30-20-10 x Squat Thruster (buns to/ near MB)

    SET #4:
    30-20-10 x MB Clean or MB Squat Slam

    SET #5:
    30-20-10 x Sumo Dead Lift High Pull + alternating Side Leg Lift

    SET #6:
    30-20-10 x MB Triceps Dip (modification: on the floor in crab position)

    SET #7:
    20-10-6 x Rolling MB Push-Up (modification: on knees) (challenge: MB Plyo Push-Up (hands hop off MB, p-up, hands hop back on)
    STRETCH: by 1:52pm

    Erin's Group Ex Schedule for Week of 8/28 - 9/4

    • Sunday (8/28), 2pm - Total Strength (Morrison YMCA - Dhaliwal Room)
    • *Monday (8/29), 11am - "Charlotte Today" Appearance (WCNC (NBC affiliate))
    • Monday (8/29), 5:30pm - BridgeHampton Boot Camp (clubhouse parking lot - $10/ person)
    • Tuesday (8/30), 9:15am - QuickFit (Morrison YMCA - Dhaliwal Room)
    • Wednesday (8/31); 9:30am - Total Strength (Siskey YMCA - Room 2)
    • Wednesday (8/31); 5:30pm - Total Strength Extreme (Morrison YMCA - Dhaliwal Room)
    • Saturday (9/3); 8am - O.F.S. Boot Camp (Ballantyne Corporate Park - Brixham Tent Area - free to all Y members, regardless of home branch)

    Saturday, August 27, 2011

    Power Hour at the Harris Y

    (Equipment: 1 Heavy Dumbbell, Mat for abs)
    4 Rounds -
    • 30 sec. x Mtn. Climb
    • 5 x Burpee
    100M DB SPRINTS: 
    10 Rounds -
    • 100m DB Sprint (1 DB centered chest-high)
    • 10 x Single-Arm Snatch (switch arms ea. round - all R arm round 1; all L arm round 2; etc)
    • 10 x Single-Arm DB Push-Up to Row (switch arms ea. round - DB in R hand all round 1; in L all round 2; etc)
    • 30 sec. x REST
    PARTNER FIELD DRILLS: (~30m distance)
    3 x Rounds -
    • Partner 1: Wheel Barrow there (mod: bear crawl or side plank walk on your own)
    • Partner 2: Wheel Barrow back
    • Together: 20 x Full CrossFit Sit-Up (on back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor, hands over head (fingers touching floor): throw arms out in front and sit all the way up, fingers finish at ankles)
    5 min. AMRAP (alternating partners; rest while partner works)
    • Run Bkwds. there - drop to quick Plank (challenge: 1 Burpee) on the line - Sprint Fwd. back
    2 Rounds -
    • 30 sec. x Seated Bicycle Crunch
    • 30 sec. x Traditional Bicycle Crunch
    • 30 sec. x Straight Leg Bicycle Crunch

    Friday, August 26, 2011

    Friday's 12:15pm Total Strength Express Class

    Equip: Mat, Light Dumbbells (5s), Heavy Dumbbells (12s or 15s), Bench (2 to 6 risers ea. side)
    WARM-UP (w/ light DBs):
    • 1 min. x X-Body Punch + drop down for DB Squat-Thrust-Stand on my command (~ ea. 5s)
    • 1 min. x Weighted Jack + drop down for DB Squat-Thrust-Stand on my command (~ ea. 5s)
    • 30 sec. x X-Body Punch + drop down for DB Squat-Thrust-Stand on my command (~ ea. 5s)
    • 30 sec. x Weighted Jack + drop down for DB Squat-Thrust-Stand on my command (~ ea. 5s)
    #1: 4 Min. AMRAP Coupling: start @ 10 reps ea., count up by 1 rep. ea. round
    • Weighted Single-Leg Push-Offs OR Step-Up Repeaters (DBs in front rack) (start @ 10 reps. ea. leg)
    • OH Squat w/ Bench Top (challenge: bum to risers)
    --->1 min. x Elbow Plank Knee-Outs (mod: on hands, walk it/ don’t run it)
    --->1 min. x Oblique Tuck-Up Right and Left
    #2: 4 Min. AMRAP Coupling: start @ 1 rep ea., count up by 1 rep ea. round
    • Weighted S-T-Lateral Jump (DBs stay at sides) (mod: low lateral step) (challenge: burpee-lateral jump)
    • DB Clean and Press (challenge: DB Squat Clean to Palm-In Thruster)
    --->1 min. x Oblique Tuck-Up Right and Left
    --->1 min. x Elbow Plank Knee-Outs
    #3: 4 Min. AMRAP Coupling: start @ 5 reps ea., count up by 1 rep. ea. round
    • Resisted Squat (band racked at shoulders)
    • OH Band Hold + Side Leg Pulse L and R (L and R = 1; 2 R then 2 L = 2)
    --->1 min. x Elbow Plank Knee-Outs
    --->1 min. x Oblique Tuck-Up Right and Left
    #4: 4 Min. AMRAP Coupling: start @ 1 rep ea., count up by 1 rep ea. round
    • (Weighted) Ninja Step-Ups (to bench)
    • See-Saw Single-Leg Stiff Leg Dead Lift High Pull (R and L = 1 rep)
    --->1 min. x Elbow Plank Knee-Outs
    --->1 min. x Oblique Tuck-Up Right and Left
    #5: 4 Min. AMRAP Coupling: start @ 1 rep ea., count up by 1 rep ea. round
    • Decline Foot Walk Long Length of Bench (there-back = 1 rep)(mod: incline)
    • Pillar Lunge (front rack DBs) (all reps on R, then all reps on L)
    --->1 min. x Elbow Plank Knee-Outs
    --->1 min. x Oblique Tuck-Up Right and Left

    Thursday, August 25, 2011

    Weekend Group Ex Reminder

    Just a reminder that I'm teaching throughout the weekend.  Three classes in three days...you just might be sick of me by the time it's all said and done.  Come join me!...or, look for the workout postings here on the blog to try on your own at home or at your gym.

    • Friday (8/26); 12:15pm - 1pm: Total Strength Express (Morrison YMCA - Dhaliwal Room)
    • Saturday (8/27); 9am: Athletic Conditioning / "Power Hour" (Harris YMCA - Gym)
    • Sunday (8/28); 2pm: Total Strength (Morrison YMCA - Dhaliwal Room)

    Too Busy For a Full Workout?...Me, Too.

    So, I could NOT find a spare minute to think up a workout to post here on the blog today.  We all have those days where family duty calls, work commitments pile up, and mini-disasters seem to occur left and right.  On days like that, good luck finding a spare hour to hit the gym, right?.  So, instead of a full workout for the day, below is a quick ab/ leg blast that you can get done with zero equipment in a matter of mere minutes on your living room carpet....for days like the one I had today.

    AB BLAST (hip flexors and quads, too!!):
    3 Nonstop Rounds (clock runs for 4.5 minutes straight) -

    • 30 sec. x Seated Bicycle Crunch (in a seated position, elevate extended L leg, bend R knee into chest, reach L arm across body (L elbow to outside of R knee), may put fingertips of R hand on floor beside R hip for stability), hold torso twist position for a beat, switch, repeat (pace should be about 1 rep/ sec))
    • 30 sec. x Traditional Bicycle Crunch (same as seated bicycle crunch, but perform this one in supine position (on back on the floor))
    • 30 sec. x Straight Leg Bicycle Crunch (same as traditional bicycle crunch, but both legs are straight throughout)
    3 Nonstop Rounds (clock runs for 6 minutes straight) -
    • 30 sec. x Air Squat
    • 30 sec. x Squat Jump
    • 30 sec. x Lunge (in place, alternating legs ea. rep)(back knee kisses the floor ea. rep)
    • 30 sec. x Lunge Jumps (in place, alternating legs ea. rep)(back knee kisses the floor ea. rep)
    *Warning: The leg blast looks SO easy...it is NOT.  I have tried this as a warm-up and regretted it dearly=)  If you really want to go for it, try 4 rounds of it (8 minutes of work).  Good luck!

    Tuesday, August 23, 2011

    Preview of Wednesday's 9:30am Total Strength Class

    The below workout is what I will be teaching tomorrow at the Siskey Y.  Don't let the super high reps scare you away...we'll take our time getting through them, and we'll break the monotony up with the "on each minute" assignments.  Come tomorrow!  Or give this one a go on your own at home (stack up some books in place of the risers).  

    Using an interval timer with an alarm will make this workout SO much easier (I use the GymBoss Interval Timer (http://www.gymboss.com), but I know that some sport watches have this feature (IronMan and G-Shock)).  Set your timer for indefinite 1 minute intervals.  That way you'll never have to stop what you're doing to look at the clock or your watch.

    Equipment: Mat, Stack of 4 Risers, Heavy Dumbbells (DBs)

    • 100 x Low Jack
    • On each minute: 5 x DB Slam Squat Jump (mod: no jump, just slam squat)
    • 80 x Uneven Hand Knee Push-Up (alternate lead hand every 5 reps)
    • On each minute: 2 x Full Square Jumps around stack (1 clock and 1 counterclockwise)
    3 min. Abs AMRAP: (AMRAP = As Many Rounds As Possible)
    • 10 x Mini Pike-Up (challenge: full Pike-Up)
    • 10 x Star Arch-Up (on belly on floor, arch back lifting arms and feet up off of floor)
    • 60 x Single-Arm Squat Thruster to Risers (2 DBs in hand)(switch arm ea. decade)
    • On each minute: 10 x DB Bicep Horizontal V-Extension (elbows in at sides, palms up, DBs in ea. hand, straighten arms straight out, then draw them back in)
    3 min. Abs AMRAP:
    • 10 x Straight Leg Bicycle Crunch
    • 10 x Plank Knee-Out and In
    • 40 x DB Squat-Thrust-Stand/ Dead Lift (hop out to plank w/ DB in ea. hand, hop in, stand and lift weights with you (i.e. dead lift them from the floor))
    • On each minute: 5 ea. x Single-Leg Lift and Tap there/ back over stack (hands behind head, tap heel of R foot to floor on L side of riser stack, lift straight leg up and over stack to tap R heel to R side of riser stack, back and forth)
    3 min. Abs AMRAP:
    • 10 x Single-Leg Pike-Up w/ 1 DB in hand
    • 10 (5 ea.) x Single-Arm Renegade Row (5 x R, then 5 x L)
    • 20 x Dead Man’s Burpee (lay flat on belly, hands out horizontal and flat, push-up and jump up)
    • On each minute: 10 x Bicep Hammer Curl
    3 min. Abs AMRAP:
    • 10 x XFit Sit-Up
    • 10 x Plank X-Body Kick R and L (challenge: add push-up)
    • 10 x Atomic Man Maker
    • On each minute: 10 x Goblet Squat

    I LOVE QuickFit!

    So, I gave up a class I was teaching on Wednesday afternoons at the Y, called QuickFit.  It consists of 4 stations of 4 different cardio and strength exercises...participants rotate through the stations twice, then get 4 new exercises.  Anyway, it's a great class with a very simple pattern to follow.  For some reason, I never loved teaching it on Wednesday evenings...class energy was low at that time of day, I consistently had to wake my little guy from his nap in order to make it there, etc.  I subbed this class for a friend of mine this morning at 9:15am, however, and I LOVED every minute of it.  What a group I got to teach today...talk about energy!  The class was packed, people were hooting and hollering, and every single participant worked to his or her max...breathless for an hour straight!  Thanks for welcoming so warmly, morning QuickFitters.  It was a privilege to work with you all today.

    Below is the workout breakdown of the QuickFit class.  To do this at home or at the gym on your own, simply set up four stations with the following equipment:

    1. Bosu
    2. No Equipment 
    3. Heavy DBs (to travel across center of room)
    4. Bench (2 Risers ea. Side) OR Low Plyo Box

    WARM-UP: (w/ gliders)
    3 Rounds -
    *40 sec. x Plank X-Body Glide (in plank w/ gliders under toes: glide R toe up to L shoulder, swtich and repeat)
    *20 sec. x Gliding Squat-Thrust-Stand (in plank w/ gliders under toes: tuck feet in, stand, glide back out to plank - quickly!!)

      *Round 1: 60 sec. ea. station; Round 2: 50 sec. ea. station (limit rest b/w stations to a max of 10 sec.)
      SUPERSET #1:
      1. Bosu Spring-Offs + 2x 180 Jump Squats (use bosu like a trampoline: jump on and spring off, land in deep squat, then immediately do a 1/2 turning squat jump and another one back to face bosu, repeat)
      2. Frog Hop Fwd./ 2 Hops Bkwd. 
      3. Walking Thruster Lunge (traveling lunges across the room, thrust DBs overhead when coming up from ea. lunge)
      4. Lateral Hop to Single Leg atop Bench - Touch Bench w/ Opp. Hand (switch @ 1/2) (stand beside bench, hop up to bench landing on 1 foot (inside foot to bench) and touch opposite hand to bench, hop down and land on 2 feet, repeat)
      SUPERSET #2:
      1. Bosu (dome down) Push-Up - Hop-In - 3 Frog Hops (keep lumbar curve!, bosu dome bounces on floor during frog hops)
      2. Tuck Jump to Pike Jump OR Prisoner Squat-Twist R/L to Squat-Twist R/L w/ Straight Leg (squat w/ hands behind head, when coming up out of squat lift R knee and touch L elbow to it, reverse it next squat)
      3. 3 x Sumo Dead Lift High Pull to Weighted Sprint across room
      4. Incline Push-Up to R and L X-Body Kick
      SUPERSET #3:
      1. Bosu Burpee (push-up on dome-down bosu, hop in, get bosu overhead w/ straight elbows)(mod: high pull, instead of bosu OH)
      2. 3 x Air Squat to 1 x Jump Squat
      3. DB Bear Crawl Fwd. there/ (challenge: Bkwd. DB Bear Crawl) back 
      4. Incline Lunge to Hop Over and Switch (stand to side of bench w/ 1 foot on top, drop down into low lunge w/ back knee kissing floor, then spring up and over bench, switch sides and foot atop bench, repeat back and forth)
      SUPERSET #4:
      1. Bosu (dome up) Plank Jack to Hop In (feet to sides of bosu)
      2. Finger-Dragging Side Lunge + Leg Lift (back and forth) 
      3. 3 x Thruster(squat + OH press) to Weighted Sprint across room 
      4. Bench Plank Walk (switch lead hand @ 1/2) (incline plank, walk hands down to floor and back up to bench, no hip swivel!!!)

      Monday, August 22, 2011

      Sister Workout

      The below workout is what I planned to do with my sister early this morning...life and house guests got in the way, so this one is still left to be done.  How about you all try it first and let me know how it goes??  No, I'll probably get to this one on my own sometime early next week (when I'm not teaching so many group exercise classes).

      There is no easing into this workout.  The warm-up is a hard-hitting slam right from the start.  Last week, I posted and taught in a couple of group exercise classes a similar drill, where we walked a full circle in plank position one direction and then the other (adding push-ups in between).  This warm-up is very similar to that, except that your hands will be balanced atop a medicine ball, you'll only complete a 1/4 circle out and in, and the push-ups will be done with your hands atop the med ball, as well.  Good luck!!!  Note: if the med ball is too difficult for you, do it atop a bosu (or on the floor, if necessary).
      • 5 x Med Ball Plank (hands atop MB): Walk Feet 1/4 Circle to R and back center - 2x MB Push-Up - Walk Feet 1/4 Circle to L and back center - 2x MB Push-Up
      • 1 min. x Pike-Ups (modification: hands beneath bum)

      • 4 x Med Ball Plank: Walk Feet 1/4 Circle to R and back center - 2x MB Push-Up - Walk Feet 1/4 Circle to L and back center - 2x MB Push-Up
      • 1 min. x Bosu Sit-Up

      • 3 x Med Ball Plank: Walk Feet 1/4 Circle to R and back center - 2x MB Push-Up - Walk Feet 1/4 Circle to L and back center - 2x MB Push-Up
      • 1 min. x Straight Leg Bicycle

      • 2 x Med Ball Plank: Walk Feet 1/4 Circle to R and back center - 2x MB Push-Up - Walk Feet 1/4 Circle to L and back center - 2x MB Push-Up
      • 1 min. x Suitcase Crunch w/ 1 DB Overhead

      • 1 x Med Ball Plank: Walk Feet 1/4 Circle to R and back center - 2x MB Push-Up - Walk Feet 1/4 Circle to L and back center - 2x MB Push-Up
      • 1 min. x Superman to Banana (hold banana position (on back - shoulders and feet elevated off floor), roll onto belly, hold superman (on belly - arms and feet elevated), roll back and forth)
      MAIN SET - XFit "Fight Gone Bad" PATTERN (1 min. ea. of 5 exercises + 1 min. rest; 3 x through)
      1. High Box Step-Ups - Left Leg 
      2. High Box Step-Ups - Right Leg 
      3. High Box Jump 
      4. Decline Push-Up (feet atop box, hands on floor, perfect plank w/ no angle in hips, push-up) OR Modified Handstand Push-Up (feet atop box, 90 degree angle in hips, touch head to ground and push back up)
      5. Burpee Box Jump 
      6. REST
      1. Weighted Burpee (using a barbell or dumbbells (I would use a 55 lb. bar or 15 lb. DBs))
      2. Single-Leg Dead Lift - Right (barbell or dumbells, again 55 lb. bar or 15 lb. DBs)
      3. Single-Leg Dead Lift - Left 
      4. Med Ball Clean
      5. Plyo Push-Up (hold plank atop MB, hop hands off of and to either side of ball, drop into a push-up w/ sternum hitting ball, push-up and hop hands back up onto MB)(modification: rolling MB push-up; plyo push-up on knees)
      6. REST
      *alternate w/ partner (one partner works while other rests) 
      •         Man Makers: 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 (i.e. partner #1 does 1 rep, then rests while partner #2 does 1 rep, then partner #1 does 2, then #2 does 2...all the way up to 5 and then back down to 1)


      Sunday, August 21, 2011

      Erin's Group Ex Schedule: 8/22 - 8/28

      • Monday (8/22); 5:30pm - BridgeHampton Boot Camp (clubhouse parking lot) ($10/ head)
      • Tuesday (8/23); 9:15am - QuickFit (Morrison YMCA - Dhaliwal Room)
      • Wednesday (8/24); 9:30am - Total Strength (Siskey YMCA - Room 2)
      • Wednesday (8/24); 5:30pm - Total Strength Extreme (Morrison YMCA - Dhaliwal Room)
      • Friday (8/25); 12:15pm - Total Strength (Morrison YMCA - Dhaliwal Room)
      • Saturday (8/27); 9am - Power Hour/ Athletic Conditioning (Harris YMCA - gym)
      • Sunday (8/28); 2pm - Total Strength (Morrison YMCA - Dhaliwal Room)
      • Silly Bonus: Monday (8/29); 11am - TV Appearance on WCNC's "Charlotte Today"

      "Missing Maddie" - Sunday's Cardio Strength Challenge at the Harris Y

      One of my most loyal participants just left for her first year at UNC - Chapel Hill...I'll miss having you in my classes, dear Maddie!  Her mom, Cindy, made my day by coming up to me after today's Cardio Strength class to tell me that I have been somewhat of a role model for Maddie.  I don't know how I earned that honor, or if I even half-way deserve it, but I'll take it!  Maddie, we missed you today; promise me that you'll come back to take a class or two at Thanksgiving, ok??

      Below is the breakdown from today's class:

      Equipment: Mat, Bosu, Gliders (2), Heavy Dumbbells

      • 60s - 50s - 40s - 30s - 20s - 10s x Quick Feet atop Bosu (modification: on floor)
      • 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 x 5-Pulse Bosu Squat (modification: on floor)
      MAIN SET:

      “The Four:” 4 rounds, 4 exercises, 4 reps ea.
      1. 4 x Bosu OH Squat
      2. 4 ea. x Shuffle-Shuffle Bosu Punch
      3. 4 ea. x Bosu Lunge-Drive Up (in-place lunge w/ one foot atop bosu, if R foot atop bosu, drive L knee up to belly button when stand up from down lunge position; 4 on R leg, then 4 on L leg)
      4. 4 ea. x 4 Broad Jumps Over Bosu, then 4 Lateral Jumps Over Bosu (mod: phantom hop bosu)
      • 60s - 50s - 40s - 30s - 20s - 10s x Gliding Mountain Climbers
      • 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 x Weighted Burpee (jump or no jump, push-up or no push-up)
      “The Four:” 4 rounds, 4 exercises, 4 reps ea.
      1. 4 x Bosu Push-Up to X-Body Kick R and L (dome down)
      2. 4 x Bosu Squat-Thrust-(Push-Up) to 3 Bouncing Bosu Frog Hops (dome down)(hop out to plank (w/ hands on handles of dome-down bosu, optional push-up, hop in, and do 3 frog hops w/ dome of bosu bouncing off of floor ea. rep)
      3. 4 x Thruster atop Bosu (dome up) (squat + dumbbell OH press atop bosu)
      4. 4 x Stiff Leg DLHP - R Arm, L Arm, Double-Arm (3 DLs = 1 rep) (dome up) (stiff leg dead lift high pull, then same but only high pull w/ R arm, then only high pull w/ L arm)

      • 60s - 50s - 40s - 30s - 20s - 10s x Yoga Bum Glide (sit on floor w/ legs straight out in front and heels on gliders, palms flat on floor beside hips, extend hips by gliding feet straight out and lifting bum up as high as possible, glide feet back in and hips in past hands (keeping knees straight), repeat)
      • 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 x Weighted Side Lunge R and L to Overhead Lunge R and L
      “The Four:” 4 rounds, 4 exercises, 4 reps ea.
      1. 4 ea. x Bosu Squat Swing R and L (in sumo squat, hold bosu by handles and swing bosu up to L eyebrow, come center, then swing bosu up to R eyebrow)
      2. 4 x Bosu Spring-Off and Stick Squat (use bosu as a trampoline to jump as high as possible, stick landing in a deep squat)
      3. 4 x Right: Single-Leg Bosu Sit-Up to Single-Leg Stand (modification: non-working toe on floor)
      4. 4 x Left: S-L Bosu Sit-Up to S-L Stand and Fwd. Lunge (modification: non-working toe on floor)

        • 60s - 50s - 40s - 30s - 20s - 10s x Plank Jack to Tuck-In
        • 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 x Dumbbell Donkey Kick to Curl and Overhead Press (DBs on floor, hands on DBs, buns in the air, kick heels to bum, then come up to a sumo squat and perform a double-arm bicep curl to a shoulder press (all while staying down in a super low sumo squat))