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Monday, March 1, 2010

Today's Workout: The "Nose Smasher"

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

I appeared on live television at 11 AM this morning.  I, for some reason, thought it would be a really good idea (relaxing, maybe?) to workout very early before my kids woke up, so that I'd have it all done for the day before I even had to head to the station.  Apparently, a 4:45 AM wake-up call makes for a REALLY dumb blond.

The "Abs" portion of my morning workout, which is listed below, was cut just a bit short when I smashed a 10 pound weight plate into the tip of my already-twice-broken nose...instant bloody nose and all! When I say I smashed it, I really mean that I SMASHED it.  Luckily, I hit the flexible cartilage portion of it, instead of the bony part, but still, I was looking for black eyes all morning long.  Just what I needed before appearing on TV!!

Anyway, here's the workout: (advice - don't swing a weight plate around while doing the tuck-ups)

1) Stair Climber Tabata: 20 sec. ON/ 10 sec. OFF x 8
2) Elliptical Tabata: 20 sec. ON/ 10 sec. OFF x 8
3) Air Squat Tabata: 20 sec. ON/ 10 sec. OFF x 8

1) 3 x through:
*40 Overhead Press (15 lb. dumbbells) to 5 Pull-Ups (aka Chin-Ups)
*15 Burpees to 5 Pull-Ups
*Single Leg RDL at weight stack to 5 Pull-Ups
*40 Plank Jacks (leg jumping jacks in plan position) to 5 Pull-Ups

2) 5 x through:
*10 x 30 lb. Dumbbell Squat Swing
*10 Box Jumps
*10 Bent Over Row w/ barbell

ABS: (oops!...smash!...never made it through these, myself)
*25 Pike-Ups w/ 10 lb. weight plate (initiate at chest, move to touch toes)
*20 Tuck-Ups (optional: w/ 10 lb. weight plate at chest)
*Side Bridge Leg-Ups (15 ea. side)
*Floor Runs (15 ea. leg) (begin sitting w/ both legs straight out in front of you; move one leg from straight out front to straight back w/ running stride arms...back and forth with the leg, remain seated)
*20 Mid-Straddle V-Ups, 20 V-ups to R, 20 V-ups to L

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