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No matter what your current fitness level or former athletic experience, you can learn to train like an Olympic-caliber athlete. I am Erin Borchard, a former elite springboard/platform diver (NCAA Champion and multi-year All-American at Stanford University, former member of the US National Diving Team, and two-time competitor at the US Olympic Team Trials), specializing in personal and small group training sessions. I am also a Phi Beta Kappa student with a B.A. in Human Biology; my strong science background is an ever present influence shaping and changing my training philosophy.

I want to help you push yourself to YOUR maximum...you'll be shocked to find the true athlete living inside of you.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

"Full of PULL"

EQUIP: Rower, KB (a: 70/53, i: 53/35, b: 35/18), Plate (45/25), Barbell (a: 135/95, i: 95/65, b: 65/35), Slam Ball (30/20)

*Active Stretch + PVC Work (Pass Thru, Good Morning, OHS, Snatch Pull, Pressing Snatch Balance)
*400m Run/ Row
*10 x alt. 1-Arm KB Swing
*10 x alt. 1-Arm KB SDHP
*10 x Slam Ball Burpee
*independent movement-specific warm-up for WOD

50 Minute AMRAP -
*1/2 class starts w/ Row; 1/2 starts w/ 10 reps of ea. movement (order of arrival to box that morning determines who gets rowers 1st)
*IF a rower is unavailable when you are due to row, you must Burpee until a rower is available.  *Wait in line for the rowers (first come, first served).  If you break from doing Burpees, you must move back to the end of the line.

1000m Row
10 ea. alt. KB Snatch (a: 70/53, i: 53/35, b: 35/18)
10 Plate Ground-to-Overhead (45/25)
10 Power Snatch (a: 135/95, i: 95/65, b: 65/35)
10 Jumping Ball Slam (30/20)

900m Row
9 ea. alt. KB Snatch
9 Plate G2OH
9 Power Snatch
9 Jumping Ball Slam

800m Row
8 ea. alt. KB Snatch
8 Plate G2OH
8 Power Snatch
8 Jumping Ball Slam

700m Row
7 ea. alt. KB Snatch
7 Plate G2OH
7 Power Snatch
7 Jumping Ball Slam

600m Row
6 ea. alt. KB Snatch
6 Plate G2OH
6 Power Snatch
6 Jumping Ball Slam

500m Row
5 ea. alt. KB Snatch
5 Plate G2OH
5 Power Snatch
5 Jumping Ball Slam

400m Row
4 ea. alt. KB Snatch
4 Plate G2OH
4 Power Snatch
4 Jumping Ball Slam

300m Row
3 ea. alt. KB Snatch
3 Plate G2OH
3 Power Snatch
3 Jumping Ball Slam

200m Row
2 ea. alt. KB Snatch
2 Plate G2OH
2 Power Snatch
2 Jumping Ball Slam

100m Row
1 ea. alt. KB Snatch
1 Plate G2OH
1 Power Snatch
1 Jumping Ball Slam

SCORE = Total Reps Completed (1000m Row = 10 reps, 900m Row = 9 reps, etc.)

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