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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Good 'Ol Supersets

I've been so focused on the CrossFit type workouts ever since I got certified that I kind of lost sight of my old tried and true superset workouts: 4 resistance exercises done in a circuit type manner 3 times through with as little rest between exercises as possible.  Here's what I did today.  Nice to switch it up and get back to the old stuff sometimes.

SUPERSET #1: 3 x through
*15 x Bosu Squat-Thrusters (turn Bosu over so that the dome in on the floor (unstable surface), jump feet out into a plank position with hands on edges of Bosu, hop feet in, stand up, and thrust Bosu in arc (straight elbows) up overhead in a quick, dynamic movement)
*10 ea. leg x Single Leg RDL at Weight Stacks
*10 x Kipping Pull-Ups; 5 x Pull-Overs
*30 sec. Single Leg Bridge Holds w/ Hell on Med Ball

SUPERSET #2: 3 x through
*10 x Donkey Kick to Overhead Press (use a step w/ 2 risers on ea. side, hands on step, feet straddling step lengthwise, kick heels to butt, land in squat, then overhead press 10 lb. dumbbells while remaining in squat position
*30 x Plank Walks on Step (2 risers ea. side) (in plank position with hands on bench and feet on floor, walk hands up and down on and off bench)
*15 x Plyo Push-Ups (hands on med ball in plank position, drop hands to side of med ball, do a push-up and hop hands back up onto balanced position on med ball...SO hard!)
*10 ea. leg x Single Leg Deadlift (12 lb. dumbbells in each hand, balance on one leg, squat down to floor so that dumbbells touch floor, then rise up using that one leg to do the work)

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