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Thursday, January 16, 2014

"Best of the Open"

The Best of the CrossFit Open WODs - Athlete’s Choice

EQUIP: Barbell, Pull-Up Bar, Jump Rope

NOTE: Hand out a # on a piece of paper to each person in class.  Keep a hat full of pieces of paper with a matching set of #s inside.  Pull out a #, call it out, and ask the person with the matching # to pick the WOD to do right then.  Once that WOD is done, rest and recover, then pull another # out of the hat for another person to pick the next WOD…until we run out of class time.

The WODs in purple are the ones my athletes chose to do today.  We completed them in this order: 12.1, 11.5, and then 11.1.

*Active Stretch
*400m Run + Shoulder Plank Series + 10 x Deck Squat Jump
-then: choose 1st WOD, perform any movement specific warm-up required

Open WOD 12.1:
7 Minute AMRAP -
*Burpee (6” jump)

Open WOD 11.3:
5 Minute AMRAP -
*Squat Clean + Jerk (Rx: 165/110, Masters (55+): 135/75)

NOTE: “In this movement, the barbell goes from ground to overhead with the athlete passing through a full squat position while the barbell is racked on the shoulders. This can be a full-squat-clean-thruster, a power-clean-front-squat-split-jerk, or anything in between as long as the three key positions are reached. The barbell begins on the ground. Touch and go is permitted. No bouncing. The athlete must pass through a full squat with hips below knees. The barbell must come to full lockout overhead with the hips, knees and arms fully extended, and the bar directly over the heels.” (www.games.crossfit.com)

Open WOD 13.2: 
10 Minute AMRAP -
*5 x Shoulder-to-OH (Rx: 115/75, Masters: 95/55)
*10 x Deadlift (Rx: 115/75, Masters: 95/55)
*15 x Box Jump (24”/20”)

Open WOD 11.5:
20 Minute AMRAP -
*5 x Power Clean (Rx: 145/100, Masters: 130/75)
*10 x T2B
*15 x Wall Ball (Rx: 20/14, Masters: 20/10)

Open WOD 13.5:
4 Minute AMRAP -
*15 x Thruster (Rx: 100/65, Masters: 65/45)
*15 x C2B Pull-Up (Rx) OR Pull-Up (Masters Men) OR Jumping C2B P-Up (Masters Women)
-if 3 rounds (90 reps) successfully completed in under 4 minutes, time extends to 8 min.
-if 6 rounds (180 reps) successfully completed in under 8 minutes, time extends to 12 min.
-if 9 rounds (360 reps) successfully completed in under 12 minutes, time extends to 16 min., ETC.

Open WOD 12.2: 
10 Minute AMRAP -
*30 x Snatch (Rx: 75/45, Masters: 45/35)
*30 x Snatch (Rx: 135/75, Masters: 75/55)
*30 x Snatch (Rx: 165/100, Masters: 100/75)
*30 x Snatch (Rx: 210/120, Masters: 120/90)

Open WOD 11.1:
10 Minute AMRAP -
*30 x Double-Under
*15 x Power Snatch (Rx: 75/55, Masters: 65/45)

Open WOD 12.5:
7 Minute AMRAP -
3-6-9-12-15, etc. x
*Thruster (Rx: 100/65, Masters: 90/55)
*C2B Pull-Up (Masters Women: Pull-Up)

Open WOD 13.1:
17 Minute AMRAP -
*40 x Burpee 
*30 x Snatch (Rx: 75/45, Masters: 45/35)
*30 x Burpee
*30 x Snatch (Rx: 135/75, Masters: 75/55)
*20 x Burpee
*30 x Snatch (Rx: 165/100, Masters: 100/75)
*10 x Burpee

*AMRAP Snatch (Rx: 210/120, Masters: 120/90)

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