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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"VAW 116 Sun Kings"

*I designed this Hero WOD in honor of our fellow CFC member and dear friend, Ahren Thornton, and his deployed squadron, the "VAW 116 Sun Kings." We had Ashley, Ahren's wife, in my Conditioning class today, and this WOD was a special surprise for her.  She and their two children (Akenna and Ashton) are true heroes too, as they manage life on their own without Ahren for 9.5 months.  We even had friends tackling this WOD today all the way on the East Coast.  To the Thornton family and all of our CrossFit Camarillo members serving in the military or supporting a spouse serving, this one goes out to you!  We love you and we thank you.  

EQUIP: Jump Rope, Bar (deadlift load), Slam Ball (30/20), KB (c: 53/35, p: 44/26, f: 35/18), “Grab Bag”

“VAW 116 Sun Kings”

Complete For Time -
116 x Double-Under (mod: 116 Singles + 116 Lateral Bar Hop)
17 x Deadlift (c: 275/185, p+: 225/155, p: 185/135, f: 155/115)

-no rest-

4 Rounds -
70 x Ball Slam (30/20)
70 x 1-Arm KB Push Press (c: 53/35, p: 44/26, f: 35/18)(35 x R + 35 x L)
70 x Russian Twist (30/20)
70 ft. Handstand Walk (c) (p: 70 x Handstand Shoulder Tap, f: 70’ x Bear Crawl there/ back)
70 x Mystery Movement (see below)

-no rest-

17 x Deadlift
116 x Double-Under

*Consider this a Hero WOD.  We will do this in honor of our dear friend, Ahren Thornton (and Brian Watt (Lesley’s husband)), and his currently deployed squadron, the “VAW 116 Sun Kings.”  The workout is designed to be very tough and completed as individuals.  However, athletes are welcome to team up with one another and complete this as a partner WOD (split up the assignment as desired; one person works while the other rests during the 4 rounds; both partners must complete the 16 DL and 116 D-U each on the front and back ends of the WOD).

*Mystery Movement = there will be a grab-bag full of small slips of paper with an exercise written on each.  Each of the four times you get to the Mystery Movement, blindly pull an assignment from the grab-bag and perform 70 repetitions of that exercise.  Be sure to immediately return your slip of paper to the grab-bag every time you pull from it (you may end up having to do the same Mystery Movement more than once!).

Mystery Movements:
*KB Goblet Squat (c: 53/35, p: 44/26, f: 35/18)
*KB Swing (c: 53/35, p: 44/26, f: 35/18)
*Ring Row
*Box Jump (24/20)
*Wall Ball (20/14)
*Hollow Rock
*Toes-2-Bar (mod: Knees-2-Elbows/ Knees-2-Chest)

WHY THE #'s?: Ahren's squadron is called the "VAW 116 Sun Kings." They are aboard the USS Carl Vinson, which is #70.  They are in Air Wing 17. And there are 4 planes in the squadron and 5 crew members per plane.

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