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Friday, August 9, 2013

"SIMPLE." (as in ‘nothing complicated,’ NOT meaning ‘easy!’)

This is a preview of tomorrow's Conditioning class at CrossFit Camarillo.  Marita and Heather will be teaching for me.

EQUIPMENT: Partner, Box (24/20), Slam Ball (30/20)


*Active Stretch
*400m Run
*5 x Inchworm to Push-Up
*5 ea. leg x Reverse Lunge to Step-Up (24/20”)
*10 x Air Squat to Box Jump

10 Rounds for Time -
*10 x Air Squat
*2 x Burpee

4 Rounds w/ Partner -
*Partner 1: 100m Run
*Partner 2: Hollow Body Hold
-switch, repeat (each person runs 4x and holds 4x)

8 Rounds for Time -
*10 x Ball Slam
*2 x Slurpee (= Slam Ball Burpee: SB starts OH, slam to floor, hop out to plank atop SB, push-up w/ hands on SB, hop in, get SB back OH)

4 Rounds w/ Partner -
*P1: 100m Run
*P2: Single-Arm Plank Hold (switch arms ea. round)
-switch, repeat (each person runs 4x and holds 4x)

6 Rounds for Time -
*10 x Box Jump
*2 x Burpee-Lateral Box Over Jump

4 Rounds w/ Partner -
*P1: 100m Run
*P2: Chair Hold (hold squat with straight arms OH, palms face inward, arms lined up with ears, feet flat, thighs parallel to floor)
-switch, repeat (each person runs 4x and holds 4x)

4 Rounds for Time -
*10 x Wall Ball (w/ slam ball)
*2 x Wall Walk Burpee (wall walk + hop in, stand up, and clap OH at end)

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