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Friday, February 26, 2010

A Few Diet Tips

#1: Eat fewer calories than you burn...obviously!...but be conscious of this.
        ~Note: You can estimate your resting metabolic rate by multiplying your body weight by ten; i.e. 135 lb. woman's estimated RMR = 135 x 10 = 1350 kcal
        ~Total calories burned for the day can be estimated by adding your exercise/activity calorie burn total to your estimated RMR; ex: My est. RMR = 1350 kcal; I did an Athletic Conditioning class yesterday morning that probably burned about 500 kcal; other activity throughout the day: maybe 200 kcal??; so, a conservative estimate of my total daily calories burned = 1350 + 500 + 200 = 2050 kcal for the day (if I'm trying to lose weight, I should have eaten fewer than 2050 kcal yesterday)
#2: Eat a great breakfast...include carbs, protein, and healthy fat
(vegetable, nut, fish fats)
#3: Eat a significant snack mid-morning (instead of grabbing little
snacks here and there throughout the morning; plan your snack in
advance, and stick to only that), ex: half of a turkey sandwich, a
small peanut butter sandwich, a banana and a chocolate milk, an apple
and a handful of almonds, half of a bagel (or a bagel thin) with cream
cheese, etc.
#4: Eat a healthy lunch of moderate portion
#5: Eat a second snack in the late afternoon (just like in the
morning...plan it ahead of time and stick to it; same food options as
with the morning snack)
#6: Keep that dinner smaller...and make sure you're eating lean
protein, along with some whole grain carbohydrate (lots of varied
colored veggies, too)
#7: Whole grains!

#8: Occupy your mouth by chewing gum to avoid a craving (plus, some foods taste terrible post-minty freshness)
#9: Fill your tummy up with water...or better yet, my fave: Crystal Lite (mmmmm)

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