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Thursday, December 29, 2011

"1000 Rep Workout"

My dear friend and fellow group exercise instructor, Elizabeth Kapsiak, emailed this "1000 Rep Workout" to me the other day.  She found it at the bodyrock.tv website.  What a killer this one is!...very worth passing along to all of you.

This is a GREAT workout to use when stuck at home for the holidays.  The moves are all very basic, and the only piece of equipment required is a single weight of some sort.  I used a 25 pound dumbbell when I did this two days ago, but feel free to use a medicine ball, a gallon jug of water, or some other relatively heavy household item.

I have my first session with a new client tomorrow morning.  I will likely use a version of this workout with her, simply because the 10 exercises of this workout are basic, essential moves, which together will provide me with an easy way to evaluate her form and technique.

10 Rounds: (should take ~40-45 min.)(as little rest as possible; and only rest b/w rounds)
1) 10 x Burpee
2) 10 x Weighted Squat Jump (hold DB with both hands, centered, chest high)
3) 10 x Push-Up
4) 10 x Pike-Up (mod: Toe-Touch Sit-Up (on back, feet straight up, touch toes)
5) 10 x Tricep Dip (on a bench, chair, or even on the floor)(challenge: hands atop a medicine ball)
6) 10 x Knee-Slap Tuck Jump
7) 10 x Elbow Plank Jack
8) 10 x Weighted Switch Lunge Jump (DB held with both hands, centered, chest high)
9) 10 x Supine Leg Raises (challenge: Windshield Wiper w/ 1 DB held straight up above chest)
10) 10 x Squat-Thrust-(Lateral) Jump

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