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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"12 Days of Christmas" Workout

Below is what I'll be teaching today at both the Siskey and Morrison YMCAs.  Merry Christmas to all!

These are add-on rounds of 12 different exercises of increasing reps.  The entire thing should take 40 min.+.  Read the workout breakdown below carefully for details on how this one works.

I credit owner of CROSSFIT S3, Kirk Dewaele, with this workout pattern.

Equip: Mat, Bench/ Box, Heavy Dumbbells (DBs), and a Medicine Ball (MB)


30-20-10 x 
*Step Up Repeaters (30 ea. leg, etc.; all R first, then all L)
*MB Plank Hop-Ins (hands atop MB)(mod: no MB OR MB Mtn. Climb)
*MB Suitcase Crunch
12 x Pillar Lunge Thruster (6 R, then 6 L)
11 x Reptile Push-Up (R and L = 1) (mod: put top foot down on floor OR go to one knee)
10 x MB Plank Double-Footed Hop-Overs (over 1 DB on floor OR bench)(R and L = 1)
9 x DB Thruster
8 x Plyo Step-Ups (a la Erin Stern) (R and L = 1)(challenge: hanging DBs)
7 x Knee-Slap Tuck Jump to Box Jump (mod: prisoner squat - step up - prisoner squat - step off)
6 x Double-Arm DB Snatch
4 x Slam Ball Star Jump,
3 x Sumo Squat Curl and Press,
2 x Hand-Release Bench-Facing Burpee (Burpee-Broad Jump over)(mod: step up/over OR lunge)
1 x (Atomic) Man Maker (Row R, PushUp, Row L, PushUp, Stand/ Press, OH Lunge R, OH Lunge L)
*Rnd. 1: 1 Atomic Man Maker 
*Rnd 2: Rnd. 1 + 2 Hand-Release Bench-Facing Burpee
*Rnd 3: Rnd. 2 + 3 Sumo Squat Curl and Press
*Rnd. 4: Rnd. 3 + 4 Slam Ball Star Jump
*Rnd. 5: Rnd. 4 + 5 SDLHP
*Rnd. 6: Rnd. 5 + 6 DB Double-Arm Snatch
*Rnd. 7: Rnd. 6 + 7 Knee-Slap Tuck Jump to Box Jump
*Rnd. 8: Rnd. 7 + 8 Plyo Step-Up
*Rnd. 9: Rnd. 8 + 9 Thruster
*Rnd. 10: Rnd. 9 + 10 MB Plank Double-Footed Hop-Over
*Rnd. 11: Rnd. 10 + 11 Reptile Push-Up
*Rnd. 12: Rnd. 11 + 12 Pillar Lunge Thruster
FINISHER: (lower to 2-risers bench)
30-20-10 x 
*Single-Leg Box Jump (30 ea. leg, etc.; all R first, then all L)
(*Rolling MB Plank)
*Russian Twist MB Slams

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