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Thursday, August 7, 2014

"Do NOT Pass Your Partner"

EQUIP: Partner + shared Rower, KB (c: 70/53, p: 53/35, f: 35/26), BB (c: 135/95, p: 95/65, f: 65/45), Wall Ball (20/14)

*Active Stretch
*400m Run/ Row
*25 x Air Squat
*20 x Lunge
*15 x Hand-Release Push-Up
*10 x Pull-Up
*Self-Directed Warm-Up for KB Snatch and SDHP (work up to WOD weight)

WOD 1: Teams of 2 (inspired by 2011 CrossFit Regionals Team Workout #6)
3 Rounds for Time -
20 Calorie Row
30 Burpee
20 alt. KB Snatch (c: 70/53, p: 53/35, f: 35/26)
30 Pistol
20 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (c: 135/95, p: 95/65, f: 65/45)
400m Run

This is a 3-round chipper workout. Both athletes perform the entire workout 3 times through. At Go, the first athlete of each team begins the Row. When that athlete has completed the row, he/ she moves onto Burpees, and the second athlete of that team may begin the Row. This pattern continues, in order, through all of the movements. No athlete may begin his/ her next station until the athlete ahead is clear from that station. The athlete in front does not have to wait for anyone behind. A team’s result is the total time for both members to go through the workout 3 times.
FINISHER: 100 Partner-to-Partner Wall Ball (20/14) for time

-Partner1 does one Wall Ball rep, Partner2 catches the ball and immediately completes another Wall Ball rep, which Partner 1 catches.  Each time the ball hits the wall target = 1 rep.

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