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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thank You for Your Positive Feedback!!

Feedback is rolling in from our first W.O.W (online video Workout of the Week) - check it out, if you haven't already done so, at www.jbwebtv.com (click on my picture).  Thank you to all of your for your positive responses and encouragement.  You keep me thinking that this all might just pay off in the end.  Below are some emails/ conversations I've had with friends regarding the first workout video:

*MICHELLE: Hey Erin, thanks for posting your WOW workout. I've been
doing P90x since November and I'm getting burned out on it. How many
times a week should I do your workout that you posted today?

*ERIN: Michelle, I'm a HUGE fan of P90X's theory of "muscle
confusion." I would start by doing Part A of this workout one day; do
Part B the next; then on days 3 and 4, do something else entirely.
Take a class at the gym, etc. OR, stick with the same pattern of my
posted workout, just swap out the exercises for different full-body
functional exercises. On day 5 or 6, try my workout again, and see if
you can do Parts A and B in one fell swoop with as little rest as
possible. Try to beat your times from your first go at it. We'll
hopefully post a new W.O.W. this coming Monday; then do the same with
that one. Hope this makes sense and seems doable. I try to hardly EVER
do the same thing much at all.

*MICHELLE: Ok, so I tried part A tonight and it took me about 30
minutes to do the whole thing. I consider myself to be in "decent"
shape and that was an awesome workout. I'm drenched in sweat and my
quads are on fire....love it. Can't wait to try Part B tomorrow. Thank
you so much!

*MORE FROM MICHELLE; 2 DAYS LATER: Ok, so part B took me about 45 minutes.  My quads are very sore from the part A workout, and I tried to push through the burn!!!  The single leg squats were tough and I wasn't able to get very low.  I'm anxious to try this one again, though, because I know I'll see improvement in my ability.

"I just sent your WOW video and TV show video to my capoeira teacher
and friends.  I'm hoping that my teacher incorporates some of your
exercises into our training.  We do a lot of calisthenics and
sometimes do stations where we rotate.  Seriously I wish you were
closer to me to train me.  Awesome work Erin."

"Erin, I love your video! I am in a rut, and your WOW video is just what I need. In October, my husband and I moved to Richmond, VA, and I now take a 2-hour train ride to and from work in DC each day. This has been more manageable than most people expect, but it leaves me little to no time for weekday exercise, which has been a hard adjustment. Your quick but intense workouts will be perfect for me! The challenge will be making myself do them even though I am tired (and being able to complete them now that I am a bit out of shape), but you provide great inspiration! Keep up the excellent work; I look forward to following along!"

Thank you, friends and clients!  Keep the feedback coming; I welcome the negative, as well as the positive.

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