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Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Warrior Bootcamp - Effective Drills to Use Yourself

Like I said in an earlier post, I (alongside three other instructors: Leonard Wheeler, Elizabeth Kapsiak, and Monica Patterson) taught a Weekend Warrior Bootcamp this past weekend at the Siskey Family YMCA.  I wanted to share some of the great, inventive, super effective, and even slightly torturous drills we used with our campers.  Many of them you can do on your own or with a workout partner at home or at the gym/ local track.

1) Hill Work: find a grassy steep hill in your neighborhood
*3 x Sprint up the hill/ run down
*3 x Run Backwards up the hill/ run down forward facing
*2 min. x Lunge up the hill/ run down
*2 min. x Inchworm up the hill (walk hands out to plank, hop feet in, repeat)/ run down
*2 min. x Bear Crawl Forward up the hill/ run down
*2 min. x Bear Crawl Backwards up the hill!!!!/ run down

*10 x Burpees at bottom of hill, then Frog Hop up the hill/ run down
*5 x Single Leg Burpees on R leg, then R Leg Frog Hop up the hill/ run down
*5 x Single Leg Burpees on L leg, then L Leg Frog Hop up the hill/ run down

*3 x Run Fwd. up hill, 1 x Run Bkwd. up hill:
     1) w/ medicine ball overhead
     2) w/ medicine ball held straight out in front
     3) w medicine ball in single-arm football hold (switch arms ea. time up hill)

2) Tabata Sprints:
*8 ROUNDS (4 min.): 20 sec. x Sprint, 10 sec. x Push-Ups
*8 ROUNDS (4min.): 20 sec. x Push-Ups, 10 sec. x Sprint

3) Partner Plank Sprints:
*Partner 1: Sprint 100 yards
*Partner 2: Hold Plank
-keep going for 6 minutes straight; alternating partners throughout (recovering in plank)

4) Exercise Pairing Count-Up/ Count-Down (by time):
Exercise A: Jack Burpee (add jumping jack legs to the push-up and jump finish portions of burpee)
Exercise B: Tuck Kneed Jump Squats (squat-jump into air w/ knees tucking into chest, land in squat)

A: 1min.
B: 10sec.
~10 sec. rest
A: 50 sec.
B: 20 sec.
~10 sec. rest
A: 40sec.
B: 30sec.
~10 sec. rest
A: 30sec.
B: 40sec.
~10 sec. rest
A: 20 sec.
B: 50sec.
~10 sec. rest
A: 10sec.
B: 1min.

5) Partner "Indian Run" with Medicine Ball:
*Complete 2 laps around a track (800m) with a partner (one in front of the other)
*Partner in front runs w/ medicine ball overhead
*Every 20 seconds or so, switch positions with partner: Partner in front overhead passes med ball to partner in back, partner in back sprints w/ med ball overhead to lead position, repeat

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