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Saturday, May 14, 2011

W.O.W. Update: Late on #3/ A Preview of #4

First of all, I must apologize for the fact that our video of W.O.W. (Workout of the Week) #3 has not yet posted at JBwebtv.com.  We are busy filming sessions in advance right now.  New episodes to air May 26th.

We filmed W.O.W. #4 yesterday morning outside in my back yard.  Enjoy the change of scene!  Below is a breakdown of that workout:

W.O.W. #4: "Total Toning the Tabata Way"
-When I say “total,” I truly mean total body workout...with tabata work, you will tone both the muscles of your body (your skeletal muscles), as well as your heart and lungs (your entire cardiorespiratory system)
-The key to this workout is the work-to-rest ratio; the limitation on rest allows for an ever-building increase in intensity as the workout progresses
TABATA = 8 x [20 sec. ON (work)/ 10 sec. OFF (rest)] = 4 min. total
W.O.W. #4:
Equipment: Jump Rope, Medicine Ball, Household Chair, Stop Watch
WARM-UP/ TABATA #1: Jump Rope Tabata (use any method: fake jump rope, regular jump rope, high-knee jump rope, double-unders, etc.)
~1 min. REST
TABATA #2: Med Ball Burpee OR Squat-Thrust-Jump (modification: w/o med ball)
~1 min. REST
TABATA #3: Med Ball Side Toss (alternating sides each round)
~1 min. REST
TABATA #4: Med Ball Slam Squat
~1 min. REST
TABATA #5: Single Leg Overhead Step-Ups
Total Workout Time: 24 min.

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