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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"I Double-Hate 8"

EQUIPMENT: Barbell (c: 115/85, p: 95/65, f: 65/35)

*Active Stretch, then:
*200m Run (100m Fwd. there/ 100m Bkwd. back)
*5 x Dive Bomber + 10 x Plank Windmill + 15 x Double Mtn. Climber + 20 x Air Squat

SPEED WORK (16:00):
8 Rounds For Time -
*100m Run
*# Seconds It Took to Run = # x Tuck Jump
*REST as little as possible b/w ea. round; leave on a clock reading from which you can calculate your run time, though.

“I Hate 8” (repeat from CC on 8/8/2013)

Complete For Time (45:00 Time Cap) -
-Once the barbell is picked up at the start of each round, you may NOT put it down on the floor.  Penalty for dropped bar = 1 Barbell Burpee (= C2B Push-Up + Power Clean + Jerk)
-If you complete your 4th round sub 12:00, you must run an additional 800m at that mid-way mark (because it means you went too light!)

BUY IN: 800m Run
-no rest-
8 Rounds -
*1 ea. side x Deck Squat + Lateral Bar Hop (Rx+: Deck Squat Pistol + 1-Leg Lat Bar Hop)
*2 x Evil Wheel (a.k.a. Barbell Roll-Out)
*3 x Romanian Deadlift
*4 x Hang Power Clean
*5 x Front Squat
*6 x Front Lunge
*7 x Push Jerk
*8 x Behind-the-Neck Thruster
-no rest-

BUY OUT: 800m Run

P.S. I still hate this workout!!  The second time around was no easier, I promise.

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