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Monday, June 6, 2011

Design Your Own Workout With Erin's Workout Outlines


Click on the link above to view my latest "Charlotte Today" appearance.  The topic was all about designing your own effective, easy-to-follow workout routines - in the gym, at home, and even in a hotel room.  As promised to viewers, below is a detailed breakdown of each of the workout outlines discussed on air this morning.

*You can choose any exercises you like; be sure to change it up all the time
*Try to choose functional exercises, exercises that load your hips and spine, mimic everyday movements, and work both upper body and lower body simultaneously (examples: lunges, squat, push-ups, burpees, deadlifts, shoulder press, etc)
*Plug your exercises into the fitness outlines, and you will get a guaranteed effective workout

TABATAS: ex. Burpees
-choose an exercise: 8 rounds of 20 sec. ON as hard as you can go/ 10 sec. OFF of pure rest
-scientifically proven effective work-to-rest ratio
-will give you both toning and cardiovascular results
*Try this on a treadmill, too: Set treadmill at a high incline (i.e. 12.0) and at a sprint speed (i.e. 8.0); 8 rounds of 20 seconds sprinting, 10 seconds of rest (hop off treadmill, rest with feet on sides of machine)
EXERCISE PAIRINGS: ex. Lunge Jumps and Mountain Climbers
  1. choose any 2 exercises, 20 reps of each, 2 times through, no rest (again: toning and cardiovascular results)
  2. count-up/ count-down: pair any 2 exercises together
  1. by time: 50 sec. of Ex. A/ 10 sec. of Ex. B
      40 sec. - 20 sec. 
      30 sec. - 30 sec.
      20 sec. - 40 sec.
      10 sec. - 50 sec.

         2.  by reps: count-up Ex. A 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10; count-down Ex. B 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
SUPERSETS: choose 3 or 4 strength exercises to work together; move quickly from one to the next with little rest
  1. AMRAPs: As Many Rounds as Possible in a given amount of time
-Example: 5 x Air Squats, 5 x Push-Ups, 5 x Sit-Ups as many times as possible for 15 minutes straight
        B.  For Time: 
-Example: 5 Rounds of 5 x Air Squats, 5 x Push-Ups, 5 x Sit-Ups as quickly as possible

        C. "The Five" or "The Seven:" 
-The Five: 5 Rounds of 5 Exercises, 5 Reps of Each Exercise
-The Seven: 7 Rounds of 7 Exercises, 7 Reps of Each Exercise

SPRINT DRILLS: ditch steady state cardio runs; sprint instead!
*Tripod Sprint: 3 Rounds of - Sprint ~25 yards there/ back twice; 10 seconds rest ONLY
*150 Yard Repeaters: 10 Rounds of - Sprint 150 yards on a track; speed walk 50 yards (active recovery, only rest allowed)
*100 Yard Sprints + Burpee: 10 Rounds of - 10 Burpees to 100 yard sprint, rest 1 minute b/w rounds
*100 Yard Sprints w/ Descending Rest: 
-Sprint 100 Yards - rest 60 sec.
-Sprint 100 Yards - rest 50 sec.
-Sprint 100 Yards - rest 40 sec.
-Sprint 100 Yards - rest 30 sec.
-Sprint 100 Yards - rest 20 sec.
-Sprint 100 Yards - rest 10 sec.
-Sprint 100 Yards- DONE!
you'll be amazed at how body sculpting/ toning sprinting is! (abs, legs, glutes galore)

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