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Friday, June 24, 2011

An "Easier" Erin Workout

Below is my plan for a Cardio Strength class I will be subbing at Harris next Tuesday (6/30) at 8:30am.  When I sub for another instructor, I try to tone down the difficulty of my workouts so as to land somewhere in the intermediate range of intensity.  Let me know if you think I succeeded or failed at that with this one.

EQUIP: Mat, Heavy Dumbbells, Gliders
3 x thru: Squat Series (5 x Full Squat; 5 x 1/4-up Squat; 5 x 1/2-up Squat; 5 x 3/4-up Squat)
*45 sec. Suitcase Crunch
*45 sec. Elbow Plank Knee Touches
*45 sec. Bicycles
*45 sec. Elbow Plank Knee Touches
*45 sec. Straight Leg Bicycles
*60s-50s-40s: Mtn. Climb Glide
*12-10-8 ea.: Single-Arm Clean and Jerk (ground to OH)
*1 min. Shuffle-Shuffle-Touch w/ 1 DB
*60s-50s-40s: alternating Gliding Side Lunge 
*12-10-8: alternating Single-Leg Side Swipe Push-Up
*1 min. Shuffle-Shuffle-DB Squat Swing
*60s-50s-40s: Hammy Runners
*12-10-8: Round House Squat
*1 min. Shuffle-Shuffle-Touch
*60s-50s-40s: Plank Jack
*12-10-8: Front Lunge R/L + Palm-In OH Press
*1 min. Shuffle-Shuffle-DB Squat Swing
*60s-50s-40s: Yoga Bum Glide (mod: single-leg)
*12-10-8 ea.: Single-Leg Scale Fly (mod: toe down on floor in back, double-leg)
*1 min. Shuffle-Shuffle-Touch
*60s-40s-30s: Glider Tuck-Ins
*12-10-8 ea. arm: Single-Arm Squat Thruster
*1 min. Shuffle-Shuffle-DB Squat Swing

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