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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday QuickFit Workout Breakdown

I subbed my final QuickFit class for my sweet friend, Jennifer.  Oh, how I will miss this group of people!  I got on YouTube yesterday and researched a bunch of new exercises to incorporate into this workout (sets of 4 cardio/ strength stations).  Some of the stuff was wacky and tough to tackle, but this group picked most of it up without a problem...and the key to getting through this one was using the modification of each exercise where and when necessary.  Above all else, maintain proper form throughout this workout...slow down, turn to the modified version of the exercise; do whatever is necessary for you to do the exercises correctly and safely.  Good luck!

Station #1: Set of Gliders, Medium-Heavy Dumbbells (i.e. 10 - 15 lb.)
Station #2: Medicine Ball, Mat
Station #3: Handled Resistance Band (red), Mat (if you do push-ups on your knees)
Station #4: Bosu, 1 Heavy Dumbbell

Set #1: (60 sec. Round 1; 45 sec. Round 2)
1) In Plank: Rear Row to Glider Tuck-In (row R, then double-leg tuck-in, row L, then D-L tuck-in)
2) Straight Arm Russian Twist R and L to Overhead Med Ball Press
3) Resisted Squat Thruster (step on band, handle in ea. hand, handles racked at shoulders: squat then shoot handles all the way overhead when you come up out of the squat)
4) Push-Up (to R side of Bosu) - Hop Feet onto Bosu and off of Bosu - Push Up (to L side of Bosu)

Set #2: (60 sec. Round 1; 45 sec. Round 2)
1) Double-Leg Hamstring Glide (challenge: add DB Chest Press as legs glide in) (on back with glider under ea. heel, bridge up (lifting buns off of floor), glide both legs simultaneously until straight out, glide heels back into buns)
2) Step-Back Lunge + Knee to Med Ball (hold MB in straight arms directly out in front of you, step back into a deep lunge, come up out of lunge and drive back leg up to knee med ball in front)
3) Semi-Sumo Squat (band under 1 foot) + Cross-Body Upper Chop (in sumo squat, step on band w/ R foot, drive both hands/ both handles from R knee up to L shoulder forcefully and with straight arms; switch direction 1/2 way through)
4) Dome Down Bosu Squats (modification: dome up)

Set #3: (60 sec. Round 1; 45 sec. Round 2)
1) Weighted Pillar Glide Lunge (toes of R foot on one glider, DBs racked on shoulders in front rack position: glide R foot fwd. into deep lunge, glide R foot back into deep lunge w/ L leg in front, repeat; switch legs 1/2 way through) (challenge: hold DBs overhead throughout OR thrust DBs from shoulders to overhead each time you glide through center)
2) Med Ball Triceps Toss Overhead to Squat Ball Toss (MB straight overhead, bend arms behind head w/ narrow elbows, toss ball overhead, catch, squat, then toss ball from chest to overhead, catch, squat, stand and repeat)
3) Resisted Push-Up (wrap band around upper back (band goes between torso and armpits), get into plank with hands on the band below the handles, push-up))...you control your level of resistance by how choked up on/ how taut the band is)
4) Dome Down Bosu Squat + 1 DB Pull from Foot to Opposite Shoulder (switch arms 1/2 way)

Set #4: (60 sec. Round 1; 45 sec. Round 2)
1) Yoga Bum Glide atop Dumbbells (sit on floor w/ 1 glider under each heel, hands on either side of hips w/ hands atop DBs, glide heels out and bridge bum up off of floor, glide back in and all the way through hands w/ bum, repeat)
2) In Semi Sumo Squat: Straight Arm Med Ball Twist to Side - Return Ball Center Forcefully (sharp stop) (switch sides ea. rep)
3) OH Band Hold + Single-Leg Side Pulse (step on band, 1 handle in ea. hand, press band overhead and hold that extended position w/ straight/ locked out elbows, add single-leg side pulse (5 x R, 5 x L, repeat)
4) Squat to Sit on Bosu - Lay Back to Sit-Up - Stand Up from Bosu (hands on shoulders w/ elbows high) (challenge: hold a heavy dumbbell to your chest)

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