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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Final BridgeHampton Boot Camp of the Summer

Tonight was our final boot camp of the summer over at the BridgeHampton neighborhood.  And what a final session it was...just me and Jen Templeton sweating it out together=)  It was certainly a small group, but we got it done and sent BH Boot Camp out in style!  

Reminder: Instead of teaching the BridgeHampton Boot Camp on Monday evenings in the fall, I will be teaching boot camp for the Y over at the Ballantyne Corporate Park (Mondays from 5:30pm until 6:15pm, begins 9/12 and runs through October).  We meet at the Brixham Tent.  Best news of all: it is free to all Y members, regardless of home branch.  Come one, come all!  The possibilities are ENDLESS out there at the Corp Park...fit trail, lakes to run around, hills to climb, benches to jump up to, etc, etc.

"Hill, Hill, and More Hill"

(Equipment Required: Heavy and Medium Dumbbells, Medicine Ball, Small Hill)
*8 Round Tabata (20 sec. ON/ 10 sec. REST): alternating rounds of Air Squat and Push-Up
*8 Round Tabata: Sprint (20 sec. interval)/ Hold Plank (10 sec. interval) 

2 ROUNDS OF EA. STRENGTH EXERCISE: Rnd. 1: 60sec.; Rnd. 2: 45sec.

*in between each round of each strength exercise listed below, complete the following: 
1) 5 x Sprint Hill 2) 3 x Lunge Up Hill 3) 2 x Bkwd. Bear Crawl Up Hill (always run down hill facing fwd.) (our hill was about 20 feet long...and steep!)

  • Sumo Dead Lift High Pull to an X-Position Overhead (Heavy DBs)
  • Med Ball OH Tricep Toss to MB Squat Toss(like a wall ball w/o a wall) 
  • Burpee Jack  (Hop out to plank, push-up while doing a jumping jack w/ legs, hop in, stand and do a standing jumping jack)
  • Step-Back Lunge + OH Thrust (Heavy DBs)
  • DB Plank Row to Tri Ext. (Light/ Med DBs)

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