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No matter what your current fitness level or former athletic experience, you can learn to train like an Olympic-caliber athlete. I am Erin Borchard, a former elite springboard/platform diver (NCAA Champion and multi-year All-American at Stanford University, former member of the US National Diving Team, and two-time competitor at the US Olympic Team Trials), specializing in personal and small group training sessions. I am also a Phi Beta Kappa student with a B.A. in Human Biology; my strong science background is an ever present influence shaping and changing my training philosophy.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Preview of Wednesday's 9:30am Total Strength Class

The below workout is what I will be teaching tomorrow at the Siskey Y.  Don't let the super high reps scare you away...we'll take our time getting through them, and we'll break the monotony up with the "on each minute" assignments.  Come tomorrow!  Or give this one a go on your own at home (stack up some books in place of the risers).  

Using an interval timer with an alarm will make this workout SO much easier (I use the GymBoss Interval Timer (http://www.gymboss.com), but I know that some sport watches have this feature (IronMan and G-Shock)).  Set your timer for indefinite 1 minute intervals.  That way you'll never have to stop what you're doing to look at the clock or your watch.

Equipment: Mat, Stack of 4 Risers, Heavy Dumbbells (DBs)

  • 100 x Low Jack
  • On each minute: 5 x DB Slam Squat Jump (mod: no jump, just slam squat)
  • 80 x Uneven Hand Knee Push-Up (alternate lead hand every 5 reps)
  • On each minute: 2 x Full Square Jumps around stack (1 clock and 1 counterclockwise)
3 min. Abs AMRAP: (AMRAP = As Many Rounds As Possible)
  • 10 x Mini Pike-Up (challenge: full Pike-Up)
  • 10 x Star Arch-Up (on belly on floor, arch back lifting arms and feet up off of floor)
  • 60 x Single-Arm Squat Thruster to Risers (2 DBs in hand)(switch arm ea. decade)
  • On each minute: 10 x DB Bicep Horizontal V-Extension (elbows in at sides, palms up, DBs in ea. hand, straighten arms straight out, then draw them back in)
3 min. Abs AMRAP:
  • 10 x Straight Leg Bicycle Crunch
  • 10 x Plank Knee-Out and In
  • 40 x DB Squat-Thrust-Stand/ Dead Lift (hop out to plank w/ DB in ea. hand, hop in, stand and lift weights with you (i.e. dead lift them from the floor))
  • On each minute: 5 ea. x Single-Leg Lift and Tap there/ back over stack (hands behind head, tap heel of R foot to floor on L side of riser stack, lift straight leg up and over stack to tap R heel to R side of riser stack, back and forth)
3 min. Abs AMRAP:
  • 10 x Single-Leg Pike-Up w/ 1 DB in hand
  • 10 (5 ea.) x Single-Arm Renegade Row (5 x R, then 5 x L)
  • 20 x Dead Man’s Burpee (lay flat on belly, hands out horizontal and flat, push-up and jump up)
  • On each minute: 10 x Bicep Hammer Curl
3 min. Abs AMRAP:
  • 10 x XFit Sit-Up
  • 10 x Plank X-Body Kick R and L (challenge: add push-up)
  • 10 x Atomic Man Maker
  • On each minute: 10 x Goblet Squat

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