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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Too Busy For a Full Workout?...Me, Too.

So, I could NOT find a spare minute to think up a workout to post here on the blog today.  We all have those days where family duty calls, work commitments pile up, and mini-disasters seem to occur left and right.  On days like that, good luck finding a spare hour to hit the gym, right?.  So, instead of a full workout for the day, below is a quick ab/ leg blast that you can get done with zero equipment in a matter of mere minutes on your living room carpet....for days like the one I had today.

AB BLAST (hip flexors and quads, too!!):
3 Nonstop Rounds (clock runs for 4.5 minutes straight) -

  • 30 sec. x Seated Bicycle Crunch (in a seated position, elevate extended L leg, bend R knee into chest, reach L arm across body (L elbow to outside of R knee), may put fingertips of R hand on floor beside R hip for stability), hold torso twist position for a beat, switch, repeat (pace should be about 1 rep/ sec))
  • 30 sec. x Traditional Bicycle Crunch (same as seated bicycle crunch, but perform this one in supine position (on back on the floor))
  • 30 sec. x Straight Leg Bicycle Crunch (same as traditional bicycle crunch, but both legs are straight throughout)
3 Nonstop Rounds (clock runs for 6 minutes straight) -
  • 30 sec. x Air Squat
  • 30 sec. x Squat Jump
  • 30 sec. x Lunge (in place, alternating legs ea. rep)(back knee kisses the floor ea. rep)
  • 30 sec. x Lunge Jumps (in place, alternating legs ea. rep)(back knee kisses the floor ea. rep)
*Warning: The leg blast looks SO easy...it is NOT.  I have tried this as a warm-up and regretted it dearly=)  If you really want to go for it, try 4 rounds of it (8 minutes of work).  Good luck!

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