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Monday, August 29, 2011

My Latest "Charlotte Today" Appearance

Check this out.  And then take it with a grain of salt...I NEVER wear high heels!!!  Who am I to be the expert on how to wear high heels healthfully?!  This one was fun, though.


Below is my outline for the appearance.  As always, I didn't get to talk about all that I had planned.  So, if you're looking for extra information on the topic, see below for more:

“Happier and Healthier in High Heels”
*The phrase “the price of beauty” is never more appropriate than when describing the way your feet, lower legs, and back feel after a long day of work in high heels!!
*8+ hours of high-heel hoofing around the office and around town can absolutely be hazardous to your health and fitness
*Heels force us into a very unnatural stance by:
    • placing extreme pressure on the balls of the feet
    • shortening the Achilles tendon
    • tightening the calf muscles
    • and encouraging slumped posture
*Result is: 
    • Risk of Injury: Achiles tendon is super strong (connects calf muscles to heel bone), but is also very prone to injury; lack of heel contact with the floor (which normally aids in stretching tendon and calf muscles) results in tightening and shortening of calf muscles and Achiles tendon => greater risk of injury to Achiles during exercise and daily living (rupture is AWFUL!)
      • Prevention: Stretch calves and Achilles tendon 
        • Straight Leg Wall Stretch (upper calf - soleus)
        • Bent Knee Wall Stretch (lower calf - gastrocnemius and Achilles tendon)
        • Sitting Toe Pull Stretch (increase intensity by straightening knee)
        • Challenge: increase stretch by dropping heel off of a step - straight and bent knee
    • Risk of Injury: Low back pain; heels careen us onto our toes and encourage a slouched posture (to counteract the forward lean, we hunch our upper back for some backward lean); also lessens the natural curve of our lumbar spine (very unnatural postural all in all); too much weight being supported by lower back alone
      • Prevention: Postural exercises to strengthen upper back muscles surrounding the scapulae; train yourself to counteract the forward lean from wearing high heels by pulling your scapulae together and your upper back back
        • Wall Angels
        • Prone Snow Angels
        • Bent-Over Fly and Rear Row
        • Renegade Row - on all 4s
      • Prevention: Strengthening of transverse abdominals for constant core engagement to stabilize and support spine and back muscles
        • Sahrmann Basic Breath exercise (can be done ANYWHERE!!, best supine)

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