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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Today's Total Strength at Siskey

"Count-Up AMRAPs" (inspired by friend and fellow instructor, Elizabeth Kapsiak)

Equipment: Mat, Heavy Dumbbells (10 - 15 lbs.), Bench (2 to 4 risers high ea. side)

  • 3 Rounds - 
    • 40 sec. x 10 Jumping Jack-Touch (jumping jack to a deep squat (fingertips touch floor))
    • 20 sec. x 1-2-3 Push-Up (in plank w/ R knee bent and R toe up near R armpit, switch L, R, L, then push-up w/ L knee bent and L toe up near L armpit, repeat)
#1: 5 min. AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) -Increase Reps by 1 ea. Round (start at 1 rep ea.)
    • Burpee-Broad Jump over bench (may phantom hop bench)(modification: weighted burpee then step up and over bench w/ DBs overhead)
    • Incline Weighted Lunge-Drive Up (start @ 1 rep ea. leg)(rack DBs atop shoulders in front rack)
1 min. ea. x
    • Superman-Banana (supine hollow body hold, roll to belly and hold arch, back and forth slowly)
    • Seated Overhead Press
#2: 5 min. AMRAP -Count-up by 1s ea. Round (start at 1 rep ea. exercise):
    • Straddle Bench: Squat to bench - Jump up to bench
    • Straddle Bench: Decline Plank Jack (up to bench) (mod: walk feet up-down; may do on floor)
1 min. ea. x
    • Superman-Banana
    • Bent-Over DB Fly
#3: 5 min. AMRAP -Count-up by 1s ea. Round (start at 1 rep ea. exercise):

    • Man Maker (in plank: row R, push-up, row L, push-up, hop in, stand up, get DBs overhead)
    • OH Lunge R and L (lunge R and L = 1 rep)
1 min. ea. x
    • Superman-Banana
    • Hammer Curl in Down-Lunge Hold (30 sec. R leg, 30 sec. L leg)
#4: 5 min. AMRAP - Count up by 1s ea. Round (start @ 1 rep ea. exercise):
    • DB Squat Thruster (DBs racked at shoulders, squat buns to stack of 4 risers and press DBs overhead as you come up out of squat)
    • Single-Leg Triceps Dip (hands atop riser stack - stick one leg out and dip)(start @ 1 rep R and 1 rep L, then 2 reps R and 2 reps L, etc)
1 min. ea. x
    • Superman-Banana
    • DB Bear Crawl Fwd. 5 steps/ DB Bear Crawl Bkwd. 5 steps
#5: 5 min. AMRAP (reset 4-riser bench) -Count-up by 1s (start at 1 rep ea.): 
    • Single-Leg Lateral Push-Up-and-Over w/ 1 DB Circling OH (R and L = 1 rep)
    • Floor Push-Up - Hop Feet Up to Bench and Off Bench - Floor Push-Up (push-ups occur on either side of bench, push-up on R side and push-up on L side = 1 rep)

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