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Friday, July 29, 2011

Fitness Video #10 - Workout Breakdown

This one should post to my new YouTube channel later this afternoon (http://www.youtube.com/erinborchardfitness).  Below is the written workout breakdown.  It is based off of the CrossFit "Chipper" concept.  As defined and explained in the CrossFit Journal:

"The chipper format is a classic CrossFit structure. You have a large number of tasks that you complete in order. They are designed so that as you fatigue in one task, you switch up the demands and keep going. There is a cumulative effect of course, but the variety allows for incredible metabolic demand.  The variety also becomes a great equalizer. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and when the workout has [multiple] elements, both are likely to be featured."

Once you start an exercise in the chipper, you must complete the total number of reps assigned to it.  Only once you complete all reps of an exercise may you move onto the next exercise in the list.

THE KICKER: While working your way through MY chipper, you must stop every minute on the minute to drop and complete 4 burpees.  Once you finish your 4 burpees, start back at the chipper right where you left off (back to the very next rep of the same exercise in the list of tasks).

CHIPPER: (4 Burpees on the minute every minute)
  • 10 x Sprint there/ back (use the long length of a basketball court (94 ft.); or estimate a similar distance at home in your yard or neighborhood (maybe 1/2 of a neighborhood block))
  • 20 x Lunge Jump Right/ Lunge Jump Left/ Sumo Squat Jump
  • 30 x Superman Push-Up (modification: no leg lift, just alternating arm lifts; push-up on knees)
  • 40 x 180 Degree Jump Squat
  • 50 ea. leg x Single-Leg Side-to-Side Agility Hop (modification: 100 x Dbl-Leg Hops)
**REST and RECOVER ~3-5 min.
HALF CHIPPER: (2 Burpees on the minute every minute)
  • 5 x Sprint there/ back
  • 10 x Lunge Jump Right/ Lunge Jump Left/ Sumo Squat Jump
  • 15 x Superman Push-Up
  • 20 x 180 Degree Jump Squat
  • 25 ea. leg x Single-Leg Side-to-Side Agility Hop

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