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Sunday, May 27, 2012

S3 Conditioning - "The Daniel Loyola Workout"

My friend, Daniel Loyola, was the only participant to show up for S3 Conditioning this morning...poor guy!  The two of us partnered up together to tackle every last rep of this workout...OUCH!  In honor of Daniel's bravery for showing up to class (and for staying once he found out he was going to be the only one there, this one is now named after him!

Equip: Pull-Up Bar (Box, Band), Barbell, Slam Ball, 2 Parallettes

*800m Run w/ 10 ea. x Air Squat and Push-Up ea. time you hit the top and bottom points of the course (5 stopping points => 50 total squats, and 50 total push-ups)
-partner 1 chips away at the strength rep assignment, while partner 2 works a cardio assignment, switch when person 2 returns from cardio
-@ the switch, tell your partner what # you’re at on the strength rep assignment
-done when all reps completed of the strength exercise
Strength: 100 x Thruster (65 lb. barbell)
Cardio Pace-Setter: 5 x Burpee-Broad Jump (over parallette)
Strength: 100 x Pull-Up (mod: w/ band)
Cardio Pace-Setter: 200m Sprint (100m Fwd. there/ 100m Bkwd. back)
Strength: 100 x Parallette Pass-Through + Push-Up and Tricep Dip on ea. end
Cardio Pace-Setter: 10 Lengths of 10m Shuttle Run (there/ back = 2 lengths)
Strength: 100 x Power Clean (65 lb. barbell)
Cardio Pace-Setter: 10 x Jumping Slam Squat (20 lb. slam ball)

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