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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Siskey Y Total Strength - Time/ Rep Ladder Count-Down

Equip: Bosu, Heavy DBs, 1 Extra Heavy DB, Mat

*60-50-40-30 sec. x Jumping Jack (turn to Power Jack in later rounds)
*6-5-4-3 x 2x Air Squat to 2x Push-Up
SET #1: (use 1 extra heavy DB for this set)
*60-50-40-30 sec. x Side-Hopping DB Swing
*6-5-4-3 ea. leg x Bosu Bulgarian Split Squat in 3 Ways
*6-5-4-3 x DB in Goblet Hold
*6-5-4-3 x DB in Single-Arm Shoulder Rack
*6-5-4-3 x DB in Single-Arm Overhead Rack (same arm/leg)
-all R leg 1st, then all L leg
*for ex.: Round 1 would be the following -
-60 sec. of Side-Hopping DB Swing, then 
-6 x R leg Bulgarian SS w/ Goblet Hold
-6 x R leg Bulgarian SS w/ S-A Shoulder Rack
-6 x R leg Bulgarian SS w/ S-A OH Rack
-the 6 ea. of the above with L leg
SET #2:
*60-50-40-30 sec. x DB Sumo Squat Jack
*6-5-4-3 x Man Maker (w/ full Squat Clean)
SET #3:
*60-50-40-30 sec. x Bosu OH Squat
*6-5-4-3 x Dome-Down Bosu 3x Push-Up+Hands Hop to 3x Bosu Frog Hop
SET #4:
*60-50-40-30 sec. x alt. Plank Row + Triceps Extension
*6-5-4-3 x Weighted Sit-Up to 6-5-4-3 x Seated Shoulder Press (i.e. 6 x (1 sit-up to 6 shoulder press); 5 x (1 sit-up to 5 shoulder press), etc.)(mod: w/ 1 DB only)
SET #5:
*60-50-40-30 sec. x alt. Pistol (bum to Bosu)(mod: d-l squat to bosu + s-l stand up)
*6-5-4-3 x Double-Up Side-to-Side DB Ground-to-Overhead (2 x R side, then 2 x L side = 1 rep)
SET #6:
*60-50-40-30 sec. x Bosu Quick Hands (in plank atop dome-up bosu, run hands)
*6-5-4-3 x Side Lunge Thruster (R and L = 1 rep)

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