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Monday, July 9, 2012

S3 Conditioning - "Countdown With Punishment, Part 2"

*On Thursday of last week, S3 CrossFitter, Doug Kaufman, and I worked our way through a super tough workout, titled "Countdown With Punishment."  When I originally wrote the workout, I sorely miscalculated how long the darn thing would actually take to complete.  We were supposed to work our way through 100 reps of exercise A, 90 of B, 80 of C, etc....all the way down to 10 reps of exercise J.  Doug and I only got through 70 reps of exercise D!  So, today, the S3 Conditioning gang and I worked our way through 60-50-40-30-20 (and we still didn't make it through the 10 rep round!).  What a workout part 2 was, as well!  See below for the workout breakdown.
Equip: Heavy DBs (20), KB (1.0 pood), Rower

"Countdown With Punishment, Part 2"

*4 min. x Jump Rope Singles
     *@ top of ea. minute: 10 ea. arm x Plank Windmill

*60 x Burpee
     *every time you rest/ break: 200m Run

*50 x Bottom-Up KB Thruster
     *every time you rest/ break: 3 x Wall Climb

*40 x Single-Arm KB Power Clean 
     *every time you rest/ break/ switch arms: 150m Row

*30 x Handstand Push-Up
     *every time you rest/ break: 10 x Pull-Up

*20 x DB Man Maker
     *every time you rest/ break: 1 length (10m) x Broad Jump

*10 lengths (10m) x Bkwd. DB Bear Crawl
     *every time you rest/ break: 15 x Squat Jump

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